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If I Help the less fotunate in my community by volunteering at my local food pantry, then Electric Forest will Give me a pair of tickets for my girlfriend and I..
If I Volunteer my time for the rest of the year working with third graders from low-income families., then Electric Forest will Book my favorite upcoming artist (and my boyfriend) Drop Doc..
If I help kids with cancer and blood problems such as ITP (which I have), then Electric Forest will bless me with 2 GA tickets so I can take one cancer patient with me to show them the time of their lives.
If I volunteer to tutor kids at my local elementary school once a week, then Electric Forest will Send me and my boyfriend each a GA ticket to electric forest 2018.
If I can consistently do my best to set down my own fears, and help others set down theirs too, and opt for trust, love, and good faith, then Electric Forest will offer our souls radical adventures, great music, and space to connect with our Forest Family..
If I can find new ways every weekend to give back to my community, then Electric Forest will serve its purpose as the most meaningful community and family i've ever been a part of..
If I Start a 'pay if forward' motion in Milwaukee, Wi, then Electric Forest will Hook me up with a wristband for EF2018.
If I go through all of mine and my boyfriends belongings and donate anything we do not need, want, or are willing to we will donate to the less fortunate , then Electric Forest will gift me and my boyfriend 2 wristbands.
If I Volunteer to coach underprivileged kids in Harlem three days a week, then Electric Forest will give me two wristbands.
If I continue to make my life feel worth it and try to make everyone elses lives around me feel worth it, then Electric Forest will gift me two wristbands to weekend one.
If I Become a high five machine, hands up for anyone to accept, then Electric Forest will Be an even friendlier place.
If I Can reduce my waste by recycling more and using sustainable and reusable items, then Electric Forest will Provide a friend and I wristbands or access to meet artists.