Wish Machine

The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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The Wish Machine has begun reviewing wishes!

At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I choose to limit my meat intake, then Electric Forest will Grant me Porter Robinson or Virtual Self .
If I continue to code and develop interactive 3D environments and immersive real-time fractals reactive to motion and music under the monicker, NEWP Visuals,, then Electric Forest will grant me an Artist Installation Sponsorship to feature my Fractal Mirror, let me perform as a VJ and apply Prana Visualized to Yoga w/ Hannah Muse for Fractal iMag.
If I can successfully lead a community-wide effort to host multiple adoption and/or fostering events leading up to Electric Forest 2020 for older, abandoned, disabled, and "difficult to adopt" pets in the New York City area, then Electric Forest will send me and my significant other to experience our first Forest together, something we have been dying to do but have never been able to afford!.
If I organize a sandwich drive where folks come together make sandwiches to give to the homeless shelters in the Atlanta community , then Electric Forest will set my boyfriend and I up with Good Life Tickets to Electric Forest! .
If I never give up on being the best person I can be and spread positivity everywhere I go even in the lowest of the lows , then Electric Forest will help my one and only younger brother with 1 GA ticket so I can take him with me to our first eforest!.
If I continue what I am currently doing, which is working with special needs students and honing my skills in this field for betterment of all. & continue dedicating as much of my time as I can outside of work to the cause.... , then Electric Forest will Then EF will doing something special for my 2 friends, Mike & Sungha. I wasn't able to secure a ticket in time, but I really want my friends to have an extraordinary time & to know they mean as much to me as they did when we would all hang out daily..
I'm a local
If I donate my time to provide love, comfort, and compassion for abused women and children (and their pets!) who have fled domestic abuse situations, then Electric Forest will make a local domestic abuse shelter one of their nonprofit partners to take a stand against abuse/sexual assault, and provide my partner and I each a GL wristband, so I can show him my gratitude for his love..
If I created a safe and sober dance camp for those of us who are in recovery, then Electric Forest will gift me a good life ticket 💕.
If I volunteer to help package food and feed the less fortunate in my area and outside the country. Also, encourage others to join me to help spread awareness of people who may not have a meal everyday. , then Electric Forest will be so kind to give me and my best friend maplewoods tickets. 🌲🌳.
I'm a local
If I can set up a donation center at Electric Forest where attendees can drop off unwanted items from the weekend, then Electric Forest will allow me to experience Good Life for my first time. I'll clean & make repairs to those items then donate to those in need. This will also help with the abandoned items that are otherwise left at campsites. .
If I continue to fight for people struggling with mental health issues and better support for homeless individuals by being a strength based, caring and supportive social worker. , then Electric Forest will donate 10 free tickets to individuals working in community mental health, to support us feeling appreciated and fighting burnout. 🙂.
I'm a local
If I start a financial literacy program for high school students where the average credit score is less than 600 in surrounding areas of Memphis, TN including Desoto County in MS and Shelby County in TN. , then Electric Forest will help me bring 4 of my closest friends (who can't afford to go) to Electric Forest. .