Wish Machine

The Wish Machine
rewards the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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Take action to get your wish granted.

Make an impact; create change; dream big.

What are you doing to change the world? What would you wish for in return? Fill out the Wish Machine form explaining your brilliant plan to make the world better, and the wish you'd like to see granted at Electric Forest.

Wish Gallery

If I am able to create environmental sustainability/resource management program for at least two local event production companies in my community, then Electric Forest will bless me with a good life wristband and the opportunity to allow me to mentor with the Electricology program during the Forest this year to learn what it takes for a large festival operations to be sustainable..
If I donate to those in need in order to help them through their trying time. Make amends with all ive wronged., then Electric Forest will show us an abandoned TARDIS installation. (TARDIS from doctor who. This is a time and space ship).
If I volunteer 100 hours in my local community for food panties, women's shelters, programs for children, etc. , then Electric Forest will let me have 4 tickets to EF and camping in Maplewood. ♡ .
If I make a promise to pick up 10+cigarette buts a day., then Electric Forest will give out smaller bags with a set of disposable gloves so people can pick up cig bits at the fest <3 .
If I If i gather up friends & start a non-profit organization to raise awareness for wildfires & how we can prevent and sustain them so homes won't have to burn down or kill innocent people. inform people about the little things that count, then Electric Forest will donate 2 wristbands so my best friend & I could attend our first camping festival that we've always dreamt of going to&let me put up a poster on tips on how to prevent fires & safety .
If I use my awesome crafting skills to crochet and donate 20 handmade blankets to my local hospice and hospital and pit some smiles on some lovely faces, then Electric Forest will give me and my man 2 GA tickets/wristbands for first weekend 2019. It will by my man’s first time in the Forest and my second time ever!!! 💚💚💚.
If I contiune to provide clothing, food, and household items to families that are homeless in shelters, then Electric Forest will grant me one free pass (ga camping) and allow me and my boyfriend to meet Jeff from seven lions..
If I continue to work on bringing holistic health awareness to youth and adults throughout the state of Michigan through education programs, then Electric Forest will have an a capella dubstep stage for people in the forest community to go up and perform at..
If I memorize 30 poems about trees, then Electric Forest will let me be a forest character performer.
If I continue to spread love and positivity in my daily life, pursue my career and continue working as a veterinary assistant and pushing through because the animals need me to , then Electric Forest will grant my boyfriend and i our first GA tickets for the 2019 year. We both work so much its difficult to find the time to go to the forest, but have wanted to for so long..
If I get all my friends to dress crazy and all my friends to get good life camping, then Electric Forest will give us back stage passes to the for sure bassnectar next year to have a experience of a life time.
If I If my boyfriend and I continue to raise supplies and donations and continue making deliveries to the panhandle for those who have lost everything, , then Electric Forest will grant us with the best first forest experience in the good life village💕.