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If I Learn to love myself , then Electric Forest will bring people into my life to value, respect, and inspire me to continue to do that..
If I donate food and clothes to the homeless in my city monthly, then Electric Forest will give me lifetime tickets .
If I Plant 100 new trees or bushes by Electric Forest Weekend 1 with my girlfriend, then Electric Forest will Provide low-cost seed packets to give away to other Forest Fam during the event and call it “Spread the Forest”.
If I Start a blanket and coat donation for the homeless in my community during the winter months, then Electric Forest will Help me and 1 friend stand at the front of the stage for a show of my choice.
If I accomplish and lose 50+ pounds , then Electric Forest will bring Marshmello to the forest and have me meet him.
If I can learn to love myself and be a better person, then Electric Forest will pay for my 2018 wristband .
If I Make every person that sits in my chair feel love and leave with a smile on their face (I’m a hair stylist) , then Electric Forest will Provide me with a Good Life wristband..
If I raise $200 for Puerto Rico in their time of need, continue to volunteer and give back to the community in ways that I can , then Electric Forest will allow me to meet one of the artist and perhaps their visual designer to learn more about how their visuals are created.
If I Help educate people on the impact of plastics on the environment , then Electric Forest will Support my friend's non profit called, Boomerang Bags and spread the word about use of plastics on our planet. .
If I Continue to pick up litter on my college campus and encourage my friends and others to do so, then Electric Forest will Book my favorite artist marshmello.
If I Spread the magic of the forest in everyday life to help people who need to be helped and need to see that bright light in everyday life i will make a video showing the beautiful and also set up a group page to do a meet up in the forest to just share stories good bad funny just to get some relief that everyone needs , then Electric Forest will Present a wristband to me or even someone else in need .
If I Spend 40 hours with my boyfriend cleaning up the beaches of Virginia Beach, then Electric Forest will Grant us 2 tickets to the forest (where we would also spend a few hours a day cleaning up the forest).