Wish Machine

The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

I'm a local
If I had one wish, I would do a blanket drive while attending forest so I could continue my contributions to local animal rescues. If people were willing to donate their blankets and towels at the end of the weekend, , then Electric Forest will put a donation box before the exit or somewhere in the campgrounds to collect said donations. .
If I continue to code and develop interactive 3D environments and immersive real-time fractals reactive to motion and music under the monicker, NEWP Visuals,, then Electric Forest will grant me an Artist Installation Sponsorship to feature my Fractal Mirror, let me perform as a VJ and apply Prana Visualized to Yoga w/ Hannah Muse for Fractal iMag.
If I start an initiative to cut waste and improve sustainability in my community, then Electric Forest will bring SPACE JESUS BACK.
I'm a local
If I Win the Optimize Wayne Challenge granting me $2000 dollars for my social innovation challenge for my Social innovation plan to help those in food desserts gain culinary and nutritional acumen , then Electric Forest will give me an additional $1000 and recognition, display some of my recipes as well. .
If I help the senior class of Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Louisiana on resume design, college applications & ACT testing,, then Electric Forest will host a pie in the face booth & auction off pies in the face for our favorite artists (specifically Nectar & Cheese) to the highest bidders. All to benefit Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Louisiana! (Nola & Surrounding areas) .
If I organize a 5k run to take place in the campground during Electric Forest 2020, then Electric Forest will donate the proceeds from the entry fees to local Michigan Public Schools sports programs. .
If I continue making the world a better place by volunteering in soup kitchens, and helping in the food pantry to serve people less fortunate., then Electric Forest will have Pegboard Nerds play at Electric Forest 2020 as an amazing honeymoon gift, since I'll be getting married at Forest this year!!!.
If I reduce my use of landfill waste, start volunteering at more local organizations like the LGTBQ center or animal shelters, eat more environmentally conscious, recycle more, pick up every cigarette butt I see on the ground, then Electric Forest will book Lana Del Rey, Paris Hilton, and Seven Lions. Tove Lo & Flume would be nice too :).
If I devote my entire existence to being a better mother to my baby girl also a better girlfriend to her dad and take him to his first festival experience ever ..my dream is to ask him to marry me at Big Gigantic set at Electric Forest 2020.. , then Electric Forest will grant us 2 roundtrip plane tickets to Forrest & back with transportation from the airport to the Electric Forrest hotel & complementary good life wristbands for 2 & after our trip transportation back to the airport..
If I Create a recycling program for my Car repair shop (4 Locations) for the Spare parts that we have , then Electric Forest will Grant my Fiance and I two Good Life Passes to Experience something we have never experienced Before. .
If I be more cautious about littering and using straws. And the people around me too!, then Electric Forest will help me convince my friends to go.
I'm a local
If I could collect all the unwanted items that my EF family didn’t want/need anymore and then donate them to people in need in my community. , then Electric Forest will invite me and my bf to the good life for the very first time. .