Wish Machine

The Wish Machine
rewards the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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Take action to get your wish granted.

Make an impact; create change; dream big.

What are you doing to change the world? What would you wish for in return? Fill out the Wish Machine form explaining your brilliant plan to make the world better, and the wish you'd like to see granted at Electric Forest.

Wish Gallery

If I plant 100 trees in one month, then Electric Forest will pay for two GA wristbands for my best friend and I!!!!!.
If I start a movement challenging my society to pick up 3 pieces of trash a day to reduce garbage pollution, then Electric Forest will gift me with 4 GA wrist bands so my friends and I can return to the forest again! .
If I donate my time and help the feed the hungry this Christmas day, then Electric Forest will make sure my whole group will get into group camping .
If I quit my job take a leap of faith & start my yoga co to create programs for youth and adults in underserved areas and to educate teachers on trauma informed practices for those who have experienced trauma. Yoga 4 All! , then Electric Forest will grant 4+ Performer/Artist Passes to Forest & a cool space for the "Harmonious Humaning Yoga Tent” for energizing and relaxing yoga with fun all level classes themed with EF Vibes of community, love and respect..
If I IF I create an art program that communicates the importance of protecting endangered species through guided painting classes , then Electric Forest will then EF will host my community art classes as part of the Plug-In Program to foster our connection to the plant and animal species that live in EF's natural ecosystem, & provide my art project assistants with a total of 3 GA Tickets.
If I use my Maters degree to start a home for victims of domestic violence, a place where they can live , learn, and heal, safely with their children, and not have to be in fear,, then Electric Forest will grant me two , Goodlife passes where we can replenish and prepare to give back..
If I can help my students understand the homeless population in our communities and their needs . , then Electric Forest will help feed those in shelters and give them a warm, safe place to sleep .
If I run a clothing company called Inspiration Clothing LLC. And Every item we sell, we donate a bag of groceries to the hungry and homeless. We hope to help eliminate hunger through the love of art and fashion., then Electric Forest will allow us to vendor and collect can goods left over from campers at the end of the weekend to be given to a Michigan food pantry. .
If I spread joy and happiness through plants and flowers. (African violets among other show pieces. ), then Electric Forest will allow me to share at their event with room and board. .
If I continue raising money for Blair Batson children’s hospital to help take relief off family’s with a child in the hospital , then Electric Forest will grant me 2 GA tickets for 2019 ☘️.
If I organized a major protest movement in the United States to protest against war and the military industrial complex, and the ongoing US-backed wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan..., then Electric Forest will dedicate part of their festival to promoting anti-war peace movements and speaking out against the US support for war and murder in exchange for profit by setting up some kind of visual representation....
If I make a donation box for unused toiletries and other items to be sent to Braxtons Blessings Bags, a Mid-Michigan non-profit org to be placed somewhere at Eforest and also I will ensure those donations get to Brax&his mom for the areas homeless , then Electric Forest will then EForest will let festival goers know about the donation location and encourage them to bring in those items (Pls contact me for full list of items). And also I would wish for a Bassnectar meet & greet, but it's not necessary ☮️💜.