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Wish Gallery

If I If i volunteer my time every week to help injured and orphaned animals, then teach ALL humans (kids-adults) about wildlife conservation and what we all can do better to help the animals on our planet..., then Electric Forest will donate to PAWS Wildlife Rehab + Animal shelter in Lynwood, Washington and offer 2 EF tickets so me and my friend can come home.
If I help kids realize there are better ways to cope with issues in life rather than turning to drugs and alcohol by teaching them to set goals, realize not everyone does drugs and educating on the dangers of underage drug use. , then Electric Forest will help me reach my dream of meeting Bassnectar! I followed him to Coachella last year and my life hasnt been the same since. His music and message mean everything to me and I am inspired by what he stands up for..
If I continue what I am currently doing, which is working with special needs students and honing my skills in this field for betterment of all. & continue dedicating as much of my time as I can outside of work to the cause.... , then Electric Forest will Then EF will doing something special for my 2 friends, Mike & Sungha. I wasn't able to secure a ticket in time, but I really want my friends to have an extraordinary time & to know they mean as much to me as they did when we would all hang out daily..
If I I want to improve/impact the homeless population of Philadelphia. I pledge to volunteer 60 hours in 2020 and raise money for them using different organizations, then Electric Forest will create more lines to increase the pace of entering the forest! .
If I could speak on metal health issues within myself and encourage others to seek help/speak out, then Electric Forest will Then Electric Forest will allow me the space to do this. I think i have a rather unique story of survival with no one to support me mentally through some of the darkest days of my life. I want to give back on that..
If I donate happy to chat benches , then Electric Forest will send me flying high above the forest in a hot air balloon with one of my favorite artists. A GA ticket would be nice too 😜.
I'm a local
If I can get all of the Rotary Clubs on the West side of Michigan - to come together, and do a clean up project of all of the major rivers in the Area - Grand river, Allegan RIver, Manistee River, with WMEAC.Org , then Electric Forest will Grant me 2 Good Life TIckets to 2020 for my Fiance and myself.
If I could show my students that their dreams can come true through hard work and dedication to their craft, and that the sky is the limit, then Electric Forest will Then Electric Forest will provide a venue for my 4th grade "flex class" students to perform a set of original loop music written and performed by 9 year olds. Let's show them the world, together, and inspire a new generation of young dj's!.
I'm a local
If I donate to charity this year., then Electric Forest will book Tsuruda and Sfam to play at electric forest.
If I spread love and positivity everyday, be the best version of myself everyday, feel my inherent divinity and love as my true nature everyday, I will make a difference., then Electric Forest will bring Mystic Grizzly to EF2020! Mystic's music is spiritual and carries a positive message with it. His music would go great with the "Forest vibe" and spread love frequencies through the trees. Thank you.
If I continue using my own skills and resources making handmade items that are important for the healing, comfort and care for local animals in shelters, rescues and wildlife rehabs like I have already been doing, then Electric Forest will help me continue my project by helping me get more resources and materials to help animals all over the United States. .
If I use my interactions with guests at work to raise awareness on how much damage the brushfires in Australia are causing, then Electric Forest will donate part of their profit to helping the various species of animals that are effected (along with their habitats). 💕.