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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

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Wish Gallery

If I can inspire the students I work with to spread love and kindness through the act of giving, specifically speaking by giving over 1,000 origami hearts to our local hospital by December, then Electric Forest will grant me and my significant other tickets to EForest 2020 and book Petit Biscuit with a meet&greet! And I will in turn make 1,000 origami hearts to spread love in the forest .
If I continue to fight for my clients experiencing homelessness and chronic mental illness, then Electric Forest will continue to be open about mental health and give five tickets a year to people who work in mental health to help combat the serious burnout and vicarious trauma that mental health workers deal with. .
If I show how diverse the U.S.A. truly is, that in the midst of blacks, whites, & grays there’s a rainbow of culture, love, roots, and humanity flowing in our DNA through the power of Showing Not Telling with actions, art, and music we all share,, then Electric Forest will be the most unified festival that brings everyone from all over the world to spread love and share kindness in the global community..
If I If I volunteer at a non profit wildlife sanctuary / help raise money for them to stay open, allowing them to keep the human nature connection alive.. , then Electric Forest will .. either spare or upgrade a ticket . Going through a divorce and overnight I had to move 100 miles,everything I own fits in a backpack! I need this energy for my new life.
If I help organize a few days with the save the maumee river group to removing invasive species and planting native trees to protect the streams and river that leads to lake erie. , then Electric Forest will help donate native trees and 1 ga ticket..
If I donate blankets and hygienic items to the homeless around my area, because this winter is going to be a cold one and those in need deserve a little something to keep them warm, then Electric Forest will grant my husband and I 2 GA tickets so we can experience the magical forest for the first time with our friends around the country <3.
If I can help revive my ancestral language with >600 non-fluent speakers in America & Canada, advocate against cultural appropriation (like wearing headdresses), & campaign for indigenous rights,, then Electric Forest will help myself & my amazing life partner who brought me my first time afford tickets this year so I can share my knowledge and promote growth and respect throughout the community..
If I continue to gather people to pick up all the trash in every park in Garfield county, then Electric Forest will have more prize carts after every set at every stage forest is already amazing at trash clean up but we can keep being amazing and I'd love two enchanted wristbands let's keep not just forest clean but everywhere.
If I volunteer my time to UC Health in Boulder, Colorado to provide pro bono healthcare for those who are unable to normally afford it, then Electric Forest will allow me to photograph and create art throughout the Venue for EF 2020 to build my portfolio and help get my creative career up and running .
If I reach out more to people in need, and help them with their goals and dreams , then Electric Forest will have KREWELLA play 2020 for their 10 year anniversary <3.
If I Plant Trees for my community! My girlfriend and I have actually already done this and continue to do it! The organization is Trees Atlanta, they plant trees and maintain ones that have already been planted throughout Atlanta! , then Electric Forest will help me out with a ticket! I’m not asking for a discount. I’ll pay full price but I just don’t wanna miss out again! (Last year sold out fast)Mush love! Forest Changed my life and Im thankful for everything you guys do! .
If I dream big and work hard WHILE still remaining humble and kind. encouraging people to make positive change and look at the bright side. help one another even when i’m down and at a low.., then Electric Forest will grant my dream. seeing everyone around me spread kindness and happiness while all of us are giving and jamming out to the music that brought us together. .