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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I donate my time to a local school district to tutor and inspire students to achieve their intellectual dreams,, then Electric Forest will provide my girlfriend with a GA pass to electric forest so she can come with me for her first forest..
If I continue to build a self sustained healing hub for artists and musicians, that aims at cultivating healthy lifestyles that work in harmony with nature; by hosting permaculture and earthen building workshops. , then Electric Forest will invite Off Grid Fam to perform at Electric Forest and if inspired, perhaps donate toward our earthen structures we will build. .
If I am more empathetic towards every person I come across in my life, I will make stronger, deeper connections with them and become my humblest self. I hope this inspires others to be more understanding and treat everyone with unrequited kindness. , then Electric Forest will inspire everyone to confront their biggest fears and struggles and the confusing emotions that come with them. They will be able to leave behind their pain and find happiness, which will radiate through the Forest. .
I'm a local
If I help spread the forest magic & change peoples lives for the better & just be the good person that I know I am ; spreading awareness about mental health, donate to children less fortunate with the holidays coming up, helping animals in need ;etc., then Electric Forest will let me sing “Shatter Me” on stage with Lindsey Stirling this year I’d cry the most happiest tears I could ever cry.
If I volunteer once a week at homeless shelter/soup kitchen, then Electric Forest will book Charli XCX.
If I help spread the word of climate change and basic civil rights for everyone, then Electric Forest will do the same.
If I Every year ticket sales have shown to help African elephants but within recent months Australia has suffered tremendously from wildfires. Instead of Africa, maybe we should send some proceeds to rebuilding the Australian ecosystem., then Electric Forest will show that the entire world can be helped when a group of people come together to do the right thing. .
If I use my bachelorette party as a way to engage my friends in a volunteer project that benefits my local community (and possibly convince my fiancé to do the same for his bachelor party), then Electric Forest will upgrade me and my fiancé to Back 40 with early entry!.
I'm a local
If I reach out to local rescues/shelters and offer to do emergency grooming services, routine grooming when I can afford, as well as routine nail trimmings for dogs living in foster homes, building an indefinite relationship with these organizations,, then Electric Forest will Then EF will grant me 2 tix to EF2021, hopefully GL! But I know EF can only grant so many tix & that there are people who may be able to offer more to their community than I can, an alternate wish would be to receive food vendor passes for 2020!.
If I promise to get my certification in dog training this summer in order to train service dogs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and veterans, work as a behavior interventionist in summer school for children with high needs, then Electric Forest will make a place where those with sensory and anxiety disorders can use if needed. Noise cancelling headphones and sensory tools are available to borrow. Electric Forest will become more inclusive for current and future family..
If I help to educate my community and others on LGBTQ and Two-Spirit pupils, and also create a more communal and safe environment for those in the community who are LGBTQ or Two-Spirit. Safe social gatherings and get togethers. , then Electric Forest will host a PRIDE Day at one of the stages with different LGBTQ artists for one of the days and I would love to be exclusively apart of it! Colorful and wonderful! .
I'm a local
If I provide a blank puzzle piece and call-to-action card with this quote: "Everyone carries with them at least one piece to someone else's puzzle," for EVERY person that attends Forest next year, then Electric Forest will make sure every ticket holder gets a puzzle piece with the directive of decorating it and giving it to someone who has made an impact on their life. #ThePuzzleProject.