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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I Plant Trees for my community! My girlfriend and I have actually already done this and continue to do it! The organization is Trees Atlanta, they plant trees and maintain ones that have already been planted throughout Atlanta! , then Electric Forest will help me out with a ticket! I’m not asking for a discount. I’ll pay full price but I just don’t wanna miss out again! (Last year sold out fast)Mush love! Forest Changed my life and Im thankful for everything you guys do! .
If I Face my fears going back to grad school for a doctorate in clinical psychology this fall. All the people I have met at EF over the past 3 years has inspired me to do more for this world and become a therapist., then Electric Forest will Let me perform my own original music. I have been producing music for 7+ years now. My favorite pieces of music I have written are two EPs of Lord of The Rings Themed Bass music. I would like to perform it at EF..
If I make at least one person smile a day and feel better about them selves, then Electric Forest will make sure every one has a wonderful time..
If I lead a group clean up to impact the city of Yangon, Myanmar to help the people be proud of where they call home, then Electric Forest will present me with the Good Life passes to share with friends .
If I have all 15 of my preschoolers draw a picture/write a letter to the EPA/appropriate administrative peeps explaining why the planet should be protected, why recycling is important (we recycle EVERYTHING in our classroom),, then Electric Forest will have an exhibit dedicated to kids’ art and opinions on the planet and why taking care of it is important! Our children ARE the future. .
If I create a meal club to support people with EDs like myself, where we can feel safe to discuss our feelings surrounding our bodies and food, eat safely, and grow positive mindsets as well as learn about cooking and the positive effects of food., then Electric Forest will allow me to come and create a space for those suffering to find community, nourish their bodies, talk, seek help, and feel safe..
If I can help to mentor a child who comes from a struggling family or lifestyle and be a good influence to them as well as be someone they can look up to , then Electric Forest will give me an extra wristband so i can be reunited with my childhood out of state best friend so I can introduce her to something as great as Electric Forest and give her the experience of a life time. .
If I am able to form my non profit organization that tackles cleaning plastics out of Lake Michigan with a goal of cleaning 5 thousand pounds out by June 2020 , then Electric Forest will be able to help spread the word of the mission .
If I promote positivity and togetherness, then people will feel like they have hope in this lonely world. If I am colorful and filled with light, then others can ignite their own flames and we can light up this dark place. If we can do this together, then Electric Forest will be filled with all the light and happiness the world has to offer. It is and will always be the place where you find your family. .
If I choose to limit my meat intake, then Electric Forest will Grant me Porter Robinson or Virtual Self .
If I volunteer to help package food and feed the less fortunate in my area and outside the country. Also, encourage others to join me to help spread awareness of people who may not have a meal everyday. , then Electric Forest will be so kind to give me and my best friend maplewoods tickets. 🌲🌳.
If I continue to become a better person for myself, then Electric Forest will provide me with endless love filled in my heart to help spread when its time to come home..