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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

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Wish Gallery

If I was able to spread more insight about ADHD and information about those with sensory needs by passing out pamphlets with facts and interesting, not well-known information about people being diagnosed daily,, then Electric Forest will allow me to be proactive in bringing peace to those in the forest who have this diagnosis and help spread understanding to those who don't..
I'm a local
If I organize a beach clean up some of Lake Michigan beaches to make a positive, local environmental impact , then Electric Forest will BRING BACK SPICY PIE. .
If I continue to influence the people around me to lower their carbon footprint, watch how they’re purchasing products and be consistent at recycling what they use daily , then Electric Forest will make a karaoke bar/room that’s open for a majority of peak hours during the festival for likeminded souls to sing their hearts out in. .
If I keep up the efforts of planting trees in northern Idaho in order to keep Forest alive in such a fast growing place where construction sites are popping up everywhere and no one is trying to keep the forest alive, then Electric Forest will hopefully send tickets for 2020 so me and my girlfriend can have a much needed escape from the negativity of being pretty much the only ones in the area doing what we do .
If I continue grow the group I positively influence to the come with to experience the magic of the forest with me this year like we have every year,, then Electric Forest will play the same song or music throughout the entire forest at night one time so everyone inside the forest is spiritually on exactly the same wave length if even for mere minutes or seconds. .
I'm a local
If I Volunteer in a 3rd world country to bring knowledge about autism & ABA therapy for 6 months, then Electric Forest will help me out and send me to the forest for free. 💜 .
I'm a local
If I collect 50 bags of trash around my city and encourage my friends and other locals to join, then Electric Forest will give me two tickets/camping passes so I can experience the forest for the first time.
If I serve my time doing community service, put 25 hours a month. , then Electric Forest will bring tame impala! .
If I help 20 underserved families in my community get started on a path toward a healthier lifestyle and teach them how to continue down that path (my degree qualifies me to do this) for free, then Electric Forest will help my boyfriend acquire a wristband for 2020, free or not, and help us meet nectar :).
If I start produce visual work about festival goers who in my opinion are a huge impact on festivals and the experience people have there., then Electric Forest will consider passed for me so i can photograph and show the world how beautiful the people and experiences are from a different point of view .
If I grow out all of my hair until forest 2020, and then donate it to locks of love for children going through chemo,, then Electric Forest will provide two general admission passes for my girlfriend and I to celebrate our first year of dating. .
If I volunteer 3 times, perform 33 acts of good, and create 333 Happy Kits to distribute at Electric Forest 2020 , then Electric Forest will gift my cousin 2 GL Village wristbands so that she (& boyfriend) can experience the EF Love to help her heal from the sudden loss of her father(11-19-19). Forest has brought me healing & I know it can for my cousin too..