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The 2020 Wish Machine
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of the Forest Family.

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I organize circus workshops for LGBTQ youth and adults in a safe and inclusive space. I will emphasize acceptance, body positivity, and vulnerability., then Electric Forest will allow me the opportunity to perform on aerial silks/aerial hoop at Electric Forest .
I'm a local
If I Open a housing facility for people with no families. I know what it’s like to not have a family. The goal would be to establish a house where 8-10 people live together for 3/6 months and build friendships so they realize they will never be alone. , then Electric Forest will hopefully keep being Electric Forest. It’s a beautiful world that’s helped so many people get through life. I don’t need to ask for anything. I just hate that I want to help everyone and I can’t. .
I'm a local
If I spread awareness & love to the women suffering from post partum depression/anxiety by supporting our local Willow tree and Shades organizations..., then Electric Forest will grant my wish of attending with my significant other. We moved to Michigan in May but was unable to go due to pregnancy. We have never had the chance to go so this would be our first time experiencing it..
If I continue to maintain the Delton Community Garden program,, then Electric Forest will give me seeds, a monetary grant, volunteers....Anything (I'm not picky) to help my communities garden. .
If I continue sharing my story, sailing the Ocean doing research to my St. Louis, MO community, at schools, libraries & media; all in hopes of driving CURIOSITY & CONSERVATION to those who may never lay eyes on its beauty. https://tinyurl.com/sq9qajx, then Electric Forest will Then Electric Forest will fund my ticket and provide me a space to drive curiosity about our Global Ocean, its Twilight Zone; while showing how our ocean affects each of us & how little changes collectively make a huge impact. This would be humbling!.
If I continue to build the Infinite Chance Organizations' goal of supplying education opportunities to a large orphanage in Guatemala (including music therapy) by working to build a Trade School next to the home , then Electric Forest will help donate to the cause! .
If I spread positivity through my local community with signs of love and panhandle smiles for a day from people at least once a month for the rest of the year. , then Electric Forest will bring shpongle back to the forest ❤️.
If I I would like to give more to the homeless on the streets. Everyone has a story. More people need to be fed or clothed.I would like to collect non perishable foods, winter jackets,clothing and also womens toiletries for who is need., then Electric Forest will not only send my boyfriend and I 2 tickets to this years forest,i forever have wished for...but also continue the good word on how we as people can come together and end poverty..
If I keep doing research and working with organizations in Chicago like Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, DePaul University, and St. Sabina Church to reduce violence in Chicago and fight for safe gun laws, then Electric Forest will grant my best friend and I tickets to Electric Forest. 2019 was our first Forest and it was the most incredible experience of our lives. .
If I can be a better mother to my baby girl & better girlfriend to her dad.. who is struggling so hard to his 1st festival. I would ask him to marry me at Big Gigantic set at Electric Forest 2020.. , then Electric Forest will grant us 2 roundtrip plane tickets to Forest & back.. transportation from the airport to the Electric Forrest hotel & free access into Electric Forrest with complementary good life wristbands for 2..
If I donate 60% of the proceeds of my oil paintings sold from now until EF'20 to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (my father has MS, which currently has no cure and causes him great discomfort. The MS Foundation is working to create a cure),, then Electric Forest will then EF may consider granting me one evening to live paint and/OR show my work in the forest during the festival. This is only my 2nd year at EF, so I would like to experience what I can, but I would like to be able to set up and paint for a day..
If I help my son do good and be kind, recognize how to utilize renewable resources. Help the less fortunate. If I continue to take him volunteering at soup kitchens and to clean. Help apply himself for good for the future of the planet., then Electric Forest will consider putting just a little bit of shade at Tripolee. <3.