Wish Machine

The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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Make an impact; create change; dream big.

Fill out the Wish Machine form explaining your brilliant plan to make the world better, and the wish you'd like to see granted at Electric Forest.

Wish Gallery

If I could create more of my art and inspire others to know the impact we have on people around us, then Electric Forest will help me with an opportunity to show my art to those around me and around the world..
If I spread the Aloha with a new curated gallery feature in the EF mobile app, then Electric Forest will be able to reach rave friends to help build our Ohana of more amazing memories to share/cultivate/inspire others <3.
If I Volunteer at the local mission/to help those in need this holiday season., then Electric Forest will I'd love to play again in 2020, last year was my first year playing the silent disco and I was absolutely floored..
If I continue to foster my students love for the arts, their ability to find their own path, their identity, recognize injustices, fight for justice, and recognize and accept diversity, then Electric Forest will spread awareness of the biases in education and promote an anti-bias education for all. Not only that but find a way to incorporate children into the forest and bring the forests values into classrooms..
If I attend & complete an organized beach cleanup in the South Florida area once a month until Electric Forest, then Electric Forest will allow my friends & I access to the secret sets that take place in Good Life..
If I continue to keep bringing my positive outlook on life to everyone I meet to make the world a little better one day at a time , then Electric Forest will give my hardworking roommate and I 2 tickets to the forest because we work hard and I want to surprise her!.
If I help pick up trash...scratch that, I pick it up anyway. If I can dig down deep and find the path to forgiveness or maybe letting go of a very, very old wound, then Electric Forest will help me meet that raccoon bc they are my favorite and my spirit animals and so adorable and honestly that's all I want...is just to meet that raccoon that's at Forest all the time..
If I and my best friend commit an act of kindness for a new person everyday until EF2020 , then Electric Forest will continue to be a place of love & kindness and be a beacon of hope that there is good in the world <3.
If I am able to create/run an after school tutoring program at the high school I teach at for students who are struggling in their English classes, then Electric Forest will help me meet Lorin Ashton and discuss how to continue to create change in my community and in the world..
If I show the same kindness I wish to receive, to those around me, no matter what the situation is.., then Electric Forest will .. hopefully Yellow Claw will make an appearance at forest..
If I reduce my use of landfill waste, start volunteering at more local organizations like the LGTBQ center or animal shelters, eat more environmentally conscious, recycle more, pick up every cigarette butt I see on the ground, then Electric Forest will book Lana Del Rey, Paris Hilton, and Seven Lions. Tove Lo & Flume would be nice too :).
I'm a local
If I could collect all the unwanted items that my EF family didn’t want/need anymore and then donate them to people in need in my community. , then Electric Forest will invite me and my bf to the good life for the very first time. .