Wish Machine

The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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The Wish Machine has begun reviewing wishes!

At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I create Mental Health Booster Kits to assist and support those going through tough times, and distribute them around my community, then Electric Forest will bring my mom, brother, and I to Electric Forest as Good Life Friends of the Forest in 2020..
If I raise 25k from the NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) Walk I coordinate, then Electric Forest will get Griz to play a set, and play Summer 97’ during it as a tribute to our friend who unexpectedly passed this October. He was supposed to come with us again, and that was one of his favorite songs..
If I begin to give all of my love and expect nothing in return, then Electric Forest will Bring subtronics back.
If I spread positivity , then Electric Forest will bring me to her .
I'm a local
If I provide a blank puzzle piece and call-to-action card with this quote: "Everyone carries with them at least one piece to someone else's puzzle," for EVERY person that attends Forest next year, then Electric Forest will make sure every ticket holder gets a puzzle piece with the directive of decorating it and giving it to someone who has made an impact on their life. #ThePuzzleProject.
If I start a grandparent/grandchild program in my new city to help teens and elderly make an impact in each others lives., then Electric Forest will allow me backstage for a headliner of my choice..
I'm a local
If I continue to pick up trash whenever is see it, help those in need, start to volunteering at homeless shelters and really focus on starting my nonprofit organization to give care packages to people in need. , then Electric Forest will Then Electric Forest will let my Boyfriend and I meet bassnectar so he can impart some amazing wisdom on us. If I can only be one person meeting him then my wish is for my boyfriend to meet him. .
If I collect food to donate from restaurants to those in need especially the homeless and mentally ill,, then Electric Forest will have rufus du sol perform.
I'm a local
If I am to make it into the exhibition I applied for and make those who told me I changed their life proud...., then Electric Forest will bring me fulfilling happiness and tears of joy with new levels of appreciation, increase my drive to reach my art goals after forest..
If I pick up one piece or more of trash off the floor every single day I will make earth a better and cleaner place. This is the only earth we have, we shouldn’t pollute it and rather help it. , then Electric Forest will bring LSDREAM and/or GRIZ to Electric Forest 2020 😍.
If I use my yoga teacher certification to begin teaching a biweekly, free, Yoga and Mindfulness for Children class to impoverished communities in Chicago (Englewood, specifically, as I have a few spaces already available to make this happen in), then Electric Forest will bring MGMT to perform in the Forest, and will grant my mama and me entry to experience the magic! <3 .
If I would collect a group to routinely support the homeless with basic needs (such as toiletries, clothes and meals) , then Electric Forest will help me organize a drive to collect these items for the less fortunate and/ or shelters for Rothbury/ surrounding areas at the festival. I would love if myself and my husband could experience the good life together in 2020. .