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If I Volunteer to feed the homeless downtown, then Electric Forest will Give me my good life ticket for free .
If I help inspire as many young women as I can to be more confident and love/accept themselves for who they are so that they can achieve their full potential and make their dreams come true,, then Electric Forest will give me a GA wristband and the chance to give a short but uplifting speech about self love in between any of the sets.
If I Create an anonymous pay-it-forward program , then Electric Forest will I would honestly love for nothing more for my best friend and myself to make it to Forest together. So I guess I wish for 2 wristbands to bring us back together :).
If I tutor a student in need, then Electric Forest will give me a free wristband.
If I Continue to help the elderly with all their needs, then Electric Forest will Bring Above & Beyond for 2018!.
If I continue working on myself beginning with internal changes and practice shining light on others daily,, then Electric Forest will bring back Flume & grant my best friend & I two GA wristbands to either weekend..
If I teach at least 3 girls how to love themselves for who they are before December. , then Electric Forest will Work it’s magic and give me 2 tickets to the festival (hopefully).
If I Set out to spread love and happiness to a different person each day, everyday before EF, then Electric Forest will Reward me with a free wrist band to give to a friend .
If I Teach English to poor kids in developing schools in India, then Electric Forest will allow me to go to my dream festival and enjoy great music..
If I organize a free music/dance evening at a local park with fliers and everything for my community, then Electric Forest will Give me a loyalty code even though I didn't get to go so that I don't lose my streak after going 2 years in a row..
If I Donate my time to the Humane Society Animal Shelter helping homeless fur babies , then Electric Forest will Graciously extend a pair of wristbands (I would be grateful for any) to me and my boyfriend to experience our first Forest together..
If I continue to remain positive and attempt to strive to better myself and those around me everyday, then Electric Forest will bring Electric Forces back every year.