Wish Machine

The Wish Machine
rewards the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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Take action to get your wish granted.

Make an impact; create change; dream big.

What are you doing to change the world? What would you wish for in return? Fill out the Wish Machine form explaining your brilliant plan to make the world better, and the wish you'd like to see granted at Electric Forest.

Wish Gallery

If I donate books, pencils, crayons and other school supplies to underfunded schools in developing countries,, then Electric Forest will help me bring a friend to EF 2019 so they can experience the magic of Sherwood Forest with me on my birthday. .
If I clean up any trash I see, then Electric Forest will give me free tickets!! .
If I am able to figure out ways to remove and reduce greenhouse gasses along with gasses that destroy our ozone, then Electric Forest will provide tickets to my 2 best friends and I to allow us to spread love, positivity, and the knowledge of preserving the planet all around the forest..
If I donate $1,000 to a rainforest preservation charity , then Electric Forest will book my band Lumi (IG/fb @lumifunk) to play a set of feel good funk. .
If I design and create a consent poster for educating festivals guests across the usa. My wish & dream is to share my knowledge & artist design skills to promote awareness for sexual safety for all walks of life including Electric forest family., then Electric Forest will cover my costs to create my poster & support me & a team to display & distribute friendly educational consent material to festival guests at Electric Forest 2019. Help me promote consensual sex , safety & awareness at EF !.
If I continue to educate children with disabilities in order to make a positive impact on their lives and give them the tools and knowledge of how to become successful, well-rounded members of society, then Electric Forest will give me and my friends the trip of a lifetime in order to allow me to de-stress in the most loving, warming, life changing festival, to allow me to be mentally prepared for the next school year. .
If I can help people believe in themselves and live a life of compassion , then Electric Forest will grant me 2 tickets so my scans and I can spread love an smiles and hope ..
If I organize a group to teach people flow art as well as give advice on spinning & hooping while also getting people to come out and have fun, then Electric Forest will gift me and my fiancé 2 good life tickets.
If I Volunteer at my local VA in my spare time,, then Electric Forest will grant me Good Life passes for EF 2019..
If I help refugees get work permits so that they can support themselves and their families, , then Electric Forest will send me a wristband so I can return to Forest with my fam in 2019!.
If I add ADA programs at my job to make more people feel included at no extra cost, then Electric Forest will help me afford my tickets to enjoy my first time in Good Life! .
If I volunteer for 100 hours in my local community to help save homeless animals by Electric Forest 2019, then Electric Forest will give me 4 wristbands to a Back 40 Log Cabin..