Wish Machine

The Wish Machine
rewards the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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Take action to get your wish granted.

Make an impact; create change; dream big.

What are you doing to change the world? What would you wish for in return? Fill out the Wish Machine form explaining your brilliant plan to make the world better, and the wish you'd like to see granted at Electric Forest.

Wish Gallery

If I finish my Infantry Training for the Army..., then Electric Forest will ...allow me to meet Galantis or Martin Garrix.
If I breakdown numerology for those who want to learn & clearly explain how sacred geometry is the key to unlocking oneself, , then Electric Forest will grant me a good life wristband &/or a booth to share the message with fellow forest fam in the dark or those who are joining the fam for the first time. 42.
If I pick up trash in my community every day, provide public trash cans and recycling cans around town to promote a greener lifestyle , then Electric Forest will BOOK ZEDS DEAD FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOD'S GRACE PLEASE BOOK ZEDS DEAD I'LL GIVE U MY LIFE.
If I give out sweaters to homeless around the city to keep them warm through the winter and provide food., then Electric Forest will give a percentage of each ticket bought to shelters across the country. .
If I volunteer for 100 hours by EF2019, then Electric Forest will gift me 10 good life all access wristbands for me to miracle positive souls in The Forest.
If I donate my time, 110 hours of volunteer service to local organizations (e.g. VA, YWCA, conservation organizations) , then Electric Forest will gift me 3 MW passes. .
If I can help my niece keep a positive outlook on life with all of the nonsense going on around her including constant learning trouble, and parents on drugs., then Electric Forest will allow my girlfriend and I to escape to the forest for a weekend again in 2019!.
If I provide access to menstrual health and feminine hygiene products for homeless and low-income people with periods by distributing Hygiene Kits and donating sanitary products to homeless shelters and social service organizations, then Electric Forest will bring in “Support the Girls”, a nonprofit that donates bras and menstrual products to homeless girls and women. If they could also provide 4 Good Life tickets for both weekends that would be real cool too! #ForestFam.
If I donate my holiday bonus from work to LGBT and women's rights charities local to my area (Orlando), then Electric Forest will give my boyfriend and I Good Life Village Bungalow Tent passes for weekend 1 of forest 2019.
If I volunteer to teach English with the English for Speakers of Other Languages Corps (ESOL Corps) (through English for New Bostonians) to help recent immigrants gain English skills to make their everyday lives easier, then Electric Forest will grant me 4 GA wristbands for me and my friends. .
If I could provide the parenting needed for all the abandoned children , then Electric Forest will have really smart and responsible attendees.
If I organize a protest for gun control , then Electric Forest will give me early access into The Forest before anybody else on any day of the weekend.