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of the Forest Family.

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What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2019. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I offer marketing advice to local business owners in order for them to grow and better promote their goods in the community or market place, then Electric Forest will have Alison Wonderland lead a gay pride parade during EF2019..
If I Campaign until 5 of my friends to become organ donors., then Electric Forest will SELL one LAST ga ticket to my friend.Like many, he missed his chance.I'd be elated to see him experience it for the FIRST TIME.He can't cover the $600 resale but wants to help in OUR mission by buying a ticket.HAPPYFOREST!(:.
If I volunteer for 100 hours in my local community to help save homeless animals by Electric Forest 2019, then Electric Forest will give me 4 wristbands to a Back 40 Log Cabin..
If I started a charity mechanic shop, helping people of all kinds keep their vehicles maintained and on the road, because your car to many people is a very important aspect of life, and not everyone can afford to, or is able to, fix it., then Electric Forest will let me and a very special girl stay in the maplewood camping. Because it would really make her happy as well as me. .
If I teach underprivileged kids how to use cameras and photography to express themselves in a constructive way, to stay out of trouble all the while providing an outlet for them to make the world a better place through art. , then Electric Forest will arrange a photography mentorship with one of the EF photographers for part of the weekend with the necessary credentials; donate 1 DSLR w/lenses for me and 10 digital cameras for the kids..
If I continue to contribute hours to the hospitals in Pittsburgh to read to children and help with small tasks, then Electric Forest will gift my boyfriend and I 2 good life wristbands for our 3rd year anniversary of when we met and hit it off at 2017 EF :).
If I finish the first draft of my first novel, a science fiction story that stresses the importance of protecting the environment,, then Electric Forest will make me & my best friend's dream of creating/facilitating a yoga village in the forest come true!.
If I commit to being an active member of Sidestreet Organization (in LA) & do my best to be a creative mentor for children that are in low-income communities (i.e push myself to make art to show them that poc can achieve social justice through art), then Electric Forest will gift my friend that introduced me to ODESZA a GA wristband and the chance to tell the ODESZA crew thank you..
If I can find a better sense of community everywhere. When people work together anything is possible., then Electric Forest will just keep doing what it was organized to do. I want nothing in return..
If I donate Christmas gifts to homeless/orphaned children and give them a special christmas, then Electric Forest will give me 2-4 GA passes to Electric Forest so I can tove the extra tickets to those who may not have the ability to buy one đź’™.
If I continue to work with patients as a first contact after they learn they have HIV. Helping them book appointments, going with them to help them understand, just taking late night calls to be a shoulder to lean on. , then Electric Forest will help me celebrate my wedding anniversary by some big romantic surprise for my husband while we are at the forest. Such as VIP upgrade would be amazing. .
If I get into a Doctor of Physical Therapy grad school program, then Electric Forest will grant me as many Good Life wristbands as they desire for exchange for providing future physical therapy education/services to the EF community on a volunteer basis after I graduate!.