Wish Machine

The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I continue to spread love and pay it forward to everyone to everyone I meet., then Electric Forest will grant 1 GA ticket to the one who saved my life. Makenzee .
If I graduate college in computer science to create a virtual reality therapy system to help those suffering from mental illness, then Electric Forest will dedicate a meditation/art area to those who have suffered or lost those to mental illnesses..
If I continue to teach people how to process their emotions through art, then Electric Forest will give me the resources to make a career out of art therapy .
I'm a local
If I make a space case safe space for every show I go to for anyone having a hard time or needing a friend to be able to go to this space and know they are okay and have people surrounding them who will be there and take care of them, then Electric Forest will have their very own Space Case Safe Space ran by my friends, volunteers, and I at the festival to make sure people who are having a hard time can feel 100% safe..
If I can help my girlfriend with her non profit foundation, @beingthegood.org, donate at least 500 duffle bags with comfort toys, blankets, towels, and personal journals, to local foster children here in the Las Vegas valley before Christmas 2019,, then Electric Forest will provide us with a Good Life Pre-set Bungalow..
If I spread love and happiness to everyone by sharing smiles and hugs, then Electric Forest will add Tame Impala to their line up this year!!!.
If I Organize a group of power woman, including myself, we will donate our holidays until forest to spend it @ the humane society, then Electric Forest will send us of to electric forest to assist us in cheering up one of our best friends going through a hard patch.. That and a mozzarella party with Subtronics because we are all from Wisconsin and love cheese & Jesse .
If I could plant fruit and vegetables around all communities. That way low income families can eat healthy , to avoid not eating at all,the homeless can stay fed, learn to have a healthy diet with the right nutrients , then Electric Forest will have our wedding under all the beautiful trees we can all share the beautiful moment with nature and other beautiful souls around (discount for family members) .
If I can be a better mother to my baby girl & better girlfriend to her dad.. who is struggling so hard to his 1st festival. I would ask him to marry me at Big Gigantic set at Electric Forest 2020.. , then Electric Forest will grant us 2 roundtrip plane tickets to Forest & back.. transportation from the airport to the Electric Forrest hotel & free access into Electric Forrest with complementary good life wristbands for 2..
If I pick up one piece or more of trash off the floor every single day I will make earth a better and cleaner place. This is the only earth we have, we shouldn’t pollute it and rather help it. , then Electric Forest will bring LSDREAM and/or GRIZ to Electric Forest 2020 😍.
If I create more art, then Electric Forest will be radiated with vivid materialistic representations of peacefulness, love, unity, and respect. Demonstrating the power of consciousness as an individual and through collective thought..
If I stop smoking nicotine, then Electric Forest will ...help clean up the earth and help support mental health. .