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The 2020 Wish Machine
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of the Forest Family.

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Wish Gallery

I'm a local
If I If Muskegon, MI creates educational outreach events on recycling and composting for its community as well as compost all food vendor waste for Lakeshore Art Festival 2020 , then Electric Forest will bring one or more art installations for the Muskegon community and its visitors to experience during The Lakeshore Art Festival 2020..
If I continue to be an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness of the discrimination they face in not only America but in the entire goddamn world by writing educational pieces and attending protests , then Electric Forest will then EF will be a place where people can express their sexual identity freely. EF will be a place that flies every flag that belongs to every identity under the rainbow. Discrimination against LGBTQ+ is LEGAL in over 30 states in America. .
If I , MYSTIC GRIZZLY, was booked for this festival and was granted my own set at electric forest, then Electric Forest will then I would have such a massive platform to spread frequencies of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to the masses and the opportunity to HEAL thousands of humans and plant the seed for spiritual evolution in so many people. .
If I dedicate a day every weekend for a year to picking up trash and cigarette butts in my home city of Worcester, MA, with an occasional visit to Boston, MA to do the same. I would also dedicate one of my days at the Forest to clean up. If I do this, then Electric Forest will invite me to join them in Rothbury for 2020.
I'm a local
If I Help start Food Forest in my Community in the Quad Cities. P.S. Look up the Quad City Food Forest on facebook. , then Electric Forest will help organize volunteers, help bring awareness to the Quad City Food Forest, have an educational day at Electric Forest about starting a Food Forest, or and donate money. .
If I continue to foster my students love for the arts, their ability to find their own path, their identity, recognize injustices, fight for justice, and recognize and accept diversity, then Electric Forest will spread awareness of the biases in education and promote an anti-bias education for all. Not only that but find a way to incorporate children into the forest and bring the forests values into classrooms..
If I make changes to my daily life, make holistic approaches to life and be more compassionate towards every living being , then Electric Forest will continue to provide a magical place for humans to gather and share a collective consciousness!!! Oh and give me tickets to experience this beautiful place in the Forrest 😭.
If I continue my mission to raise money and awareness for Suicide Prevention through throwing my tiny music festival ($1k raised per fest) and my periodic mental health checks online in groups, then reaching out to those in need., then Electric Forest will then EF will help me create a lighthouse in the Forest that would have drawers/doors you can open & inside them are messages of encouragement, inspiration and positivity that people can take if they feel they need that kind of light ignited in them..
If I start a grandparent/grandchild program in my new city to help teens and elderly make an impact in each others lives., then Electric Forest will allow me backstage for a headliner of my choice..
If I start to think positively about my existence in this world , then Electric Forest will send good vibes throughout the year, and remind me when I get there what beauty and kindness there is in the world.
If I could teach people not only how recycle but also how to property recycle to make the biggest impact, I would. There’s a lot that goes into proper recycling and I would just love to get more people involved and educate as many people as I can, then Electric Forest will throw a reception for my friends Brian and Danielle who will be getting married at Electric forest in 2020..
If I grow a new Chia Pet dog for Flume (his died while he was traveling. See his Instagram) , then Electric Forest will let me meet him and gift it to him myself. .