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If I Volunteer at a soup kitchen in LA for a month, then Electric Forest will Give me tickets (or discounted tickets) for electric forest weekend 2 :).
If I Spread the words of love, life without so much hatred and the heart of music, then Electric Forest will Give me one free ticket for my girlfriend .
If I continue to preach the importance of mental healthcare, as well as Veteran’s and women’s healthcare, then Electric Forest will Help my friends and I meet Bassnectar, or bring seven lions to the forest.
If I Produce a new song that reaches thousands of people and impacts the way they look at music , then Electric Forest will Book me to play a small set in 2018 or gift me 2 wristbands. .
If I put together a car wash event with Make A Wish Foundation , then Electric Forest will provide me a wristband to keep and/or pay it forward..
If I make people smile everyday and spread as much love as I can, then Electric Forest will have a huge, pink unicorn named Philip..
If I Can make a difference in my students emotional expression and tolerance of uncontrolled stimulus, then Electric Forest will Raise awareness and acceptance to those who are effected by Autism Spectrum Disorder by having a sensory friendly gear or areas.
If I Volunteer with children in need, then Electric Forest will Allow me to have two electric avenue passes for either weekend. One for my boyfriend of theee years and one for me. .
If I Pay for one random strangers coffee/meal/etc.. everyday for a week, then Electric Forest will Let me swim in a tank as a mermaid somewhere in the forest.
If I Organize feeding the homeless in my area , then Electric Forest will Make sure I'm able to reserve a cabin, tent, or bungalow.
If I commit to getting all As and Bs on my report card for the first semester, then Electric Forest will will please give me and my best friend free GA tickets for weekend 2 for our first electric forest.
If I Convince my workplace (luxury gym) to start recycling instead of throwing away plastics, then Electric Forest will Give me a wristband to weekend one 2018.