Wish Machine

The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I research and find organizations and schools across the globe in desperate need of books and start a movement to help grow these libraries , then Electric Forest will encourage attendees to bring and donate their new and used books and host Forest story times to promote our program. .
If I volunteer my photography skills + creativity to spread positivity, joy, and happiness with my fellow Forest fans through an interactive CONFETTI PHOTOBOOTH that asks attendees "What do you celebrate?" , then Electric Forest will grant my best friend Megan and I photo passes to photograph Forest in 2020 for our startup music magazine. .
I'm a local
If I am to make it into the exhibition I applied for and make those who told me I changed their life proud...., then Electric Forest will bring me fulfilling happiness and tears of joy with new levels of appreciation, increase my drive to reach my art goals after forest..
If I I would like to give more to the homeless on the streets. Everyone has a story. More people need to be fed or clothed.I would like to collect non perishable foods, winter jackets,clothing and also womens toiletries for who is need., then Electric Forest will not only send my boyfriend and I 2 tickets to this years forest,i forever have wished for...but also continue the good word on how we as people can come together and end poverty..
If I show more love to myself, through cosmic design I will be showing love to all creation. If spiritual connection is mass consciousness, through divine love, then Electric Forest will then, Electric Forest will be the catalyst to that creation. May you find your forest love..
If I Face my fears going back to grad school for a doctorate in clinical psychology this fall. All the people I have met at EF over the past 3 years has inspired me to do more for this world and become a therapist., then Electric Forest will Let me perform my own original music. I have been producing music for 7+ years now. My favorite pieces of music I have written are two EPs of Lord of The Rings Themed Bass music. I would like to perform it at EF..
If I continue to develop my beat-box and loop-station skills and post weekly videos on social media sites, of me going from "not having a clue" what I'm doing --- to "having a little more experience" making beats., then Electric Forest will grant me the opportunity to share my audio equipment with EF family, so they to have the chance to go from "not having a clue" to "having some confidence" that they can produce beats with their mouth. .
If I was able to spread my art skills to schools to show young kids how important art is by helping teach after school art classes to K-5 grades. Today's society being a visual society art plays such an important role in the future of their lives, then Electric Forest will let me and 2 friends see GJones and/or LSDream from stage and meet both of those guys.
I'm a local
If I Raise $10,000 for the AFSP. , then Electric Forest will A spot in the Forest where people can share their stories, thoughts or memory of those lost. People can view these and leave responses or tokens of love or support to those who've shared them. .
If I design a interesting safe temporary structure that people could be explored under & emerge through that could be implemented into electric forest. I could also than donate this structure to a local park!, then Electric Forest will help me get into the forest to construct the idea so It can be than given to a local park! I want to impact the community as much as I can..
If I can finish this semester and actually make it to graduation (10 year journey) in May after the most challenging two years of my life and land a full time job from my internship at the top cancer center in the region, then Electric Forest will be the greatest reward. I’ve always wanted to go, could never find someone to go with or the funds, but life is finally coming together and I can make it happen. I just can’t wait for a magical experience :) .
If I help others by sharing advice, I will continue to ask people to write life advice in my journals. I will take journals to festivals & talk to many people for guidance advice through life. , then Electric Forest will This past year at Electric Forest I took a journal, & 70 people wrote in my journal. My wish is to be part of Electric Forest 2020, & have a small little booth where many could write in journals to make a difference with my Journal Project..