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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I had one wish it would be to bring the street artist Patch Whiskey to Electric Forest to paint a large mural on the boards in the rear of Tripolee., then Electric Forest will be able to enjoy and admire a beautiful piece of whimsical art that speaks to the strange beauty of the festival and all those who attend it..
I'm a local
If I organize a successful Adopt-A-Family program serving the individuals on Central Michigan who are survivors of Domestic Violence through the organization of R.I.S.E. Advocacy., then Electric Forest will bring back some of the OG artists of Rothbury Festival... Snoop Dogg.... Dave Mathews Band... This would be a dream come true, and a chance for them to see how much the forest has grown with love!.
I'm a local
If I recycled old furniture into useable craft items others can use to cut down on landfill space, then Electric Forest will grant two GL Wristbands .
If I Volunteer at a animal shelter & homeless shelter up until forest 2020, then Electric Forest will provide 2 GA tickets for my girlfriend and I to experience the forest together on our one year anniversary.
If I If my friends and I pick up and recycle 5,000 cans in my community and at events before spring, then Electric Forest will help create an innovation that makes it easy and enjoyable to rid of cans at music festivals. They then will invite myself and a few friends to pass out and spread awareness of our service.
If I could I'd make a foundation for single parents who are struggling. A foundation that helps people get their current vehicle legal and or fixed, provide them with a vehicle to get back n forth to work. I think it would help a lot of people out. , then Electric Forest will be able to use their sponsers for a charity foundation that helps these individuals and could help the organization build. Could be pretty cool. .
If I continue helping people decondition from the old coding, limiting beliefs, collective viruses and scarcity programming, and help them become Reality Hackers through the programs, workshops, retreats, mastermind and podcast I am offering, then Electric Forest will have me speak at their 2020 event to spread this inspiring and empowering work with their in person and online community. Thank you, I love you. With gratitude, Samantha Lotus.
If I keep inspiring kids as a camp counselor to follow their dreams and not be afraid of who they are and know love and light is all around them So that they can inspire others. , then Electric Forest will help me and my two best friends make it to EF for our very first time in 2020. .
If I .... am able to get the 2 children I am a Guardian Ad Litem for reunified with their parents.... (we help to be a voice for the 700 children in my district alone who have been neglected/abused & have entered the system), then Electric Forest will hopefully be able to spring one free ticket. As an intern, I am unpaid. I haven’t been able to afford a ticket to Electric Forest even though I have always wanted to go..
If I spend my free time educating the community on domestic violence prevention and healing through informational pamphlets at concerts, reddit posts, and creating general in-person discussions, then Electric Forest will then EF will grant me two good life passes and also have a professional to host a Her Forest trauma-informed series, allowing survivors of DV and sexual assault a space to talk about their trauma and show ways that the Forest can help heal..
I'm a local
If I plant 5 trees to start creating a new forest, then Electric Forest will bring Subtronics back for another great year.
I'm a local
If I Donated blood regularly every 8 weeks as i can, then Electric Forest will give me just one GA wristband. I donate blood regularly for years because of my rare AB blood type, id continue to donate either way but it would be nice to go to forest this year.