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The 2020 Wish Machine
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of the Forest Family.

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I'm a local
If I make a space case safe space for every show I go to for anyone having a hard time or needing a friend to be able to go to this space and know they are okay and have people surrounding them who will be there and take care of them, then Electric Forest will have their very own Space Case Safe Space ran by my friends, volunteers, and I at the festival to make sure people who are having a hard time can feel 100% safe..
If I promote The Kindness Initiative, my EF inspired organization to promote doing random acts of kindness (hand out gloves, hats etc in winter and water etc in summer)by bringing this years donations and handing them out at EF and year round., then Electric Forest will EF will help my fiancé & I get to EF for our wedding this year. She proposed to me at EF 2 years ago. I want to help give her her dream wedding at EF. She introduced me to and EF helped me know my true life dream, Starting The Kindness Initiative..
If I If could start participating in my local beach cleanup i could try and speak more knowledge on it to others and get more to join in helping keep our earth clean, then Electric Forest will help me and my boyfriend meet bassnectar.
If I organize a clothes drive to help people in need and also organize community trash cleanups around the city of buffalo, then Electric Forest will let me go on an untethered hot air balloon ride with 3 artists of my choosing 🔮🔮❤️❤️🤷🏻‍♂️.
If I volunteer at a homeless shelter every weekend from Dec 1 until EF, and beyond, to help those that have fallen on hard times, then Electric Forest will provide me with 2 GA wristbands since I am giving back to people that find themselves in the same situation I was in growing up..
If I If i volunteer my time every week to help injured and orphaned animals, then teach ALL humans (kids-adults) about wildlife conservation and what we all can do better to help the animals on our planet..., then Electric Forest will donate to PAWS Wildlife Rehab + Animal shelter in Lynwood, Washington and offer 2 EF tickets so me and my friend can come home.
If I continue working as an energy engineer to reduce the energy intensity of the world, then Electric Forest will bring MIZE to forest.
I'm a local
If I valerie regimballe host a town wide clean up and food drive for the homeless citizens here in Prescott Arizona. This will include trash pick up around town, and assisting to many homeless citizens around our town that are in need. , then Electric Forest will grant me 4 maplewoods wristbands which would all being going to people helping this project become a reality. .
If I continue to foster my students love for the arts, their ability to find their own path, their identity, recognize injustices, fight for justice, and recognize and accept diversity, then Electric Forest will spread awareness of the biases in education and promote an anti-bias education for all. Not only that but find a way to incorporate children into the forest and bring the forests values into classrooms..
If I continue to help kids in China learn to speak English, and not get upset at them for acting out, well... because they are just kids, and I know deep down that they work very hard., then Electric Forest will bring i_o to EF 2020, because he is my favorite DJ next to Big Wild, and It would be a dream come true to see them both at the same festival..
If I could I would build and donate to honeybee and butterfly sanctuaries. They benefit the whole entire world and help bring life, balance, and beauty. , then Electric Forest will hopefully help donate to the cause. .
If I help the senior class of Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Louisiana on resume design, college applications & ACT testing,, then Electric Forest will host a pie in the face booth & auction off pies in the face for our favorite artists (specifically Nectar & Cheese) to the highest bidders. All to benefit Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Louisiana! (Nola & Surrounding areas) .