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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions

of the Forest Family.

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I use my interactions with guests at work to raise awareness on how much damage the brushfires in Australia are causing, then Electric Forest will donate part of their profit to helping the various species of animals that are effected (along with their habitats). đź’•.
If I can help revive my ancestral language with >600 non-fluent speakers in America & Canada, advocate against cultural appropriation (like wearing headdresses), & campaign for indigenous rights,, then Electric Forest will help myself & my amazing life partner who brought me my first time afford tickets this year so I can share my knowledge and promote growth and respect throughout the community..
If I create a free yoga program, in the valley of Arizona, to provide free yoga services for domestic violence shelters and low-income communities in the area , then Electric Forest will provide me and my best friend with tickets for the good life A/C Landing that includes vip tickets to EF2020. I don’t mind paying full price we just really want to go because this has been on our bucket list. Namaste! .
If I reach out more to people in need, and help them with their goals and dreams , then Electric Forest will have KREWELLA play 2020 for their 10 year anniversary <3.
If I could I'd make a foundation for single parents who are struggling. A foundation that helps people get their current vehicle legal and or fixed, provide them with a vehicle to get back n forth to work. I think it would help a lot of people out. , then Electric Forest will be able to use their sponsers for a charity foundation that helps these individuals and could help the organization build. Could be pretty cool. .
If I use my yoga teacher certification to begin teaching a biweekly, free, Yoga and Mindfulness for Children class to impoverished communities in Chicago (Englewood, specifically, as I have a few spaces already available to make this happen in), then Electric Forest will bring MGMT to perform in the Forest, and will grant my mama and me entry to experience the magic! <3 .
If I donate food, water, reusable water bottles, and handmade blankets to local homeless shelters and charities on a monthly basis, , then Electric Forest will supply inexpensive reusable camelbaks with my design for purchase to the festival goers during Electric Forest 2020. .
If I clean up the beaches in my area it will help a lot of the sea life. , then Electric Forest will bring Röyksopp..
I'm a local
If I promote art and creativity more within my community., then Electric Forest will book pretty lights and thievery corporation.
If I continue working as an energy engineer to reduce the energy intensity of the world, then Electric Forest will bring MIZE to forest.
If I help my mom raise enough money for her nonprofit to be able to build more tiny food pantries , then Electric Forest will bring her to Forest with me ! .
If I create a compost collection center in my neighborhood and at Electric Forest , then Electric Forest will give me and my friends Good Life camping and a media pass to Electric Forest 2020 .