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The 2020 Wish Machine
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of the Forest Family.

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I created a safe and sober dance camp for those of us who are in recovery, then Electric Forest will gift me a good life ticket đź’•.
If I have all 15 of my preschoolers draw a picture/write a letter to the EPA/appropriate administrative peeps explaining why the planet should be protected, why recycling is important (we recycle EVERYTHING in our classroom),, then Electric Forest will have an exhibit dedicated to kids’ art and opinions on the planet and why taking care of it is important! Our children ARE the future. .
If I If I am able to be someone people can come to vent and let out any mental health issues or problems they are experiencing just to find release and not feel alone , then Electric Forest will bring tycho or lane 8 or petite biscuit .
If I volunteer 3 times, perform 33 acts of good, and create 333 Happy Kits to distribute at Electric Forest 2020 , then Electric Forest will gift my cousin 2 GL Village wristbands so that she (& boyfriend) can experience the EF Love to help her heal from the sudden loss of her father(11-19-19). Forest has brought me healing & I know it can for my cousin too..
If I could show my students that their dreams can come true through hard work and dedication to their craft, and that the sky is the limit, then Electric Forest will Then Electric Forest will provide a venue for my 4th grade "flex class" students to perform a set of original loop music written and performed by 9 year olds. Let's show them the world, together, and inspire a new generation of young dj's!.
If I spread the Aloha with a new curated gallery feature in the EF mobile app, then Electric Forest will be able to reach rave friends to help build our Ohana of more amazing memories to share/cultivate/inspire others <3.
If I use my interactions with guests at work to raise awareness on how much damage the brushfires in Australia are causing, then Electric Forest will donate part of their profit to helping the various species of animals that are effected (along with their habitats). đź’•.
If I clean up trash in my neighborhood and continue to be the neighborhood plug for food for strays like I have been for the past two years ( I also get them spayed and neutered), then Electric Forest will put g Jones as a headliner!!!!!!.
If I promote inclusion , then Electric Forest will inspire my social music groups through sensory friendly areas .
If I continue to spread harm reduction practices and knowledge among friends and members within my SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) chapter,, then Electric Forest will continue providing their own safety message while allowing me and my wonderful girlfriend to help spread safety awareness to any and all who attend electric forest 2020 ❤.
If I donate clothing to Victim Witness Centers to help victims of sexual abuse. Because victims who get a rape kit done get their clothes taken away and typically leave in hospital gowns and underwear that don’t fit. , then Electric Forest will grant me the wish of celebrating my birthday at electric forest (June 25). I’ll be 24 this year and it would be my first year at Electric Forest. .
If I could teach people not only how recycle but also how to property recycle to make the biggest impact, I would. There’s a lot that goes into proper recycling and I would just love to get more people involved and educate as many people as I can, then Electric Forest will throw a reception for my friends Brian and Danielle who will be getting married at Electric forest in 2020..