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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

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What would you wish for in return?

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I'm a local
If I continue to pick up trash wherever I go and take time out to clean the sides of the freeways. Take time out to volunteer at The Hope Project in Muskegon. , then Electric Forest will Let me and my friends be on the rail for bassnectar and Subtronics also let us meet them!! .
If I raise $25000 to build a well in Tanzania so a village can have clean water...(My cousin and I are attempting to get people to do 25000 pull ups and raise $25000 for a well in Tanzania. We completed the pull-ups and are working on the $25000!), then Electric Forest will provide me with access to purchase a GA wristband - or even one for free :) - since they were sold out before I got to the front of the line..
If I continue grow the group I positively influence to the come with to experience the magic of the forest with me this year like we have every year,, then Electric Forest will play the same song or music throughout the entire forest at night one time so everyone inside the forest is spiritually on exactly the same wave length if even for mere minutes or seconds. .
If I promote The Kindness Initiative, my EF inspired organization to promote doing random acts of kindness (hand out gloves, hats etc in winter and water etc in summer)by bringing this years donations and handing them out at EF and year round., then Electric Forest will EF will help my fiancé & I get to EF for our wedding this year. She proposed to me at EF 2 years ago. I want to help give her her dream wedding at EF. She introduced me to and EF helped me know my true life dream, Starting The Kindness Initiative..
If I keep staying positive and spreading love even when others do not deserve it and constantly volunteer my time and money, then Electric Forest will help me buy my festival outfits because I can barely afford a ticket..
If I continue to study 8+ hours a day every day (and kill the MCAT!) to become a holistic health doctor that creates a practice of affordable, high quality care with no judgement and only love,, then Electric Forest will give me and my boyfriend two GA wristbands for entry to spread love and positivity!.
If I lead a REGENERATIVE STUDIES discussion panel once or twice a month leading up to EF as well.as how to reduce our carbon footprint, human induced soil degradation, biodiversity loss, global climate change, and community sustainability. , then Electric Forest will Then Electric forest will send my best friend and I to experience Electric FOREST for the FIRST time living the good life tiny home as well as collaborate with Electricology to bring this knowledge to others in EF. .
If I continue to bring organic healthy produce to my community, and teach my community about sustainable agriculture and farming practices,, then Electric Forest will help it’s food vendors connect with local farms to get their produce for EF, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting the local economy..
If I created a safe and sober dance camp for those of us who are in recovery, then Electric Forest will gift me a good life ticket 💕.
If I pass my first semester of Nursing School with a 3.8 or higher, then Electric Forest will send me to Electric Forest for my 4th year in Maplewoods :).
If I continue to do my best to help the people around me when I can do that they in turn may help someone else in need bringing more positiviting to this world by creating intricate webs of acts of kindness, then Electric Forest will then the Electric Forest energy will help things fall in line for me to be able to attend for my 1st time on this anniversary of such an amazing event..
If I If i write and print out an actual rough copy of my “Life, Love, Happiness, and Wisdom” book , then Electric Forest will Then Electric Forest will allow me to be and art vendor inside of the actual festival. (I’ve been painting for about a year now and my paintings are so beautiful. I’d love to be an artist of Electric Forest.. much love..