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The Wish Machine
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of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2019. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I help raise $2,000 for macular degeneration research and $500 to donate the the kellogg eye center..., then Electric Forest will let me to bring mom +1 she is quickly going blind*special guides for visually challenged*an rv spot with power or a good life cabin*balloon rides*night guide with access to a golf cart & special walkways*special access to viewing areas.
If I donate to those in need in order to help them through their trying time. Make amends with all ive wronged., then Electric Forest will show us an abandoned TARDIS installation. (TARDIS from doctor who. This is a time and space ship).
If I bring socks and gloves to homeless because it's the most needed but least donated, then Electric Forest will donate socks to the homeless in their area & grant me a ticket for free or a discounted price.
If I give without ever expecting anything in return, then Electric Forest will bless with good karma .
If I donate my time to the local SPCA to help find the fur babies new & comfy homes , then Electric Forest will grant me & my friend 1GA ticket each to enjoy Electric Forest in the summer of 2019❤️.
If I I plan on learning piano in order to bring more music and art to the world. My goal is to learn a song to play at the piano in the forest., then Electric Forest will have the piano back this year and keep on celebrating the gift of music. .
If I continue to live a clean life with recycling, composting, trying to maintain happiness, and treating my body and people who I surround myself with with respect, then Electric Forest will do their best to have people recycle at fest 2019 and also continue to have really awesome art installations..
If I I would provide a SAFE and SECURE place for children of all backgrounds to do art. I want to give the power of inspiration to the next generation. Art isn't limited to just one medium! (Audio, visual, etc.) Helping kids discover, it's a dream. , then Electric Forest will If there was a wish I'd like to see granted in the forest, then I wish there to be art stations so that not only can the professionals experiment with paint, but so can everyone! But please NO GLITTER, it's bad for the forest..
If I could get enough donation or earn enough money on my own to open up a shelter for homeless animals to live with homeless people or orphaned children. So they can keep each other company and heal each other from loneliness, then Electric Forest will host my best friend's wedding party at electric forest 2019 or give us a few tickets to help lower the cost..
If I I am a first grade teacher, I teach 22 little humans everyday how to be kind, respectful, helpful, responsible, caring, environmental friendly, accepting, giving, and loving students. ., then Electric Forest will hopefully give me ticket to the forest for a reunion with my sister and my best friend. Since we all live in different states it can be hard to find the time. The Forest would be a perfect trip to reunite my family! .
If I continue to share about how I met the most amazing people and fell in love with Electric Forest primarily because of Camp Traction and the Jellyfish/Hummingbirds table at EF, then Electric Forest will feed me some free Island Noodles and hook me up with a ticket for a sober friend or two..
If I promise to bring more awareness to mental illnesses and health, and bring resources to help to light, then Electric Forest will help me bring 4 friends who deserve to experience Forest by gifting them a wristband.