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I'm a local
If I can get all of the Rotary Clubs on the West side of Michigan - to come together, and do a clean up project of all of the major rivers in the Area - Grand river, Allegan RIver, Manistee River, with WMEAC.Org , then Electric Forest will Grant me 2 Good Life TIckets to 2020 for my Fiance and myself.
If I pass my cosmetology license test, then Electric Forest will Put Spock on the lineup.
If I could I'd make a foundation for single parents who are struggling. A foundation that helps people get their current vehicle legal and or fixed, provide them with a vehicle to get back n forth to work. I think it would help a lot of people out. , then Electric Forest will be able to use their sponsers for a charity foundation that helps these individuals and could help the organization build. Could be pretty cool. .
If I provide education to forest goers of the benefits for the mind and body of Chinese medicine (acupuncture) and where to find local practitioners in their region who are affordable. , then Electric Forest will introduce me to Bassnectar!!!!.
If I help my son do good and be kind, recognize how to utilize renewable resources. Help the less fortunate. If I continue to take him volunteering at soup kitchens and to clean. Help apply himself for good for the future of the planet., then Electric Forest will consider putting just a little bit of shade at Tripolee. <3.
If I donate to homeless shelters and teach my children the true meaning of Christmas and what being grateful means, then Electric Forest will give me at least two tickets to the show or a discount on a wooden cabin . We have 5 kids and need a get away and I dream to visit!!!.
If I donate to at least one charity every month for a year and pick up litter at local parks in the spring and summer, then Electric Forest will grant my friends and I 3 GA wristbands so we can return to the most magical place on earth..
If I continue to serve our country by being in the Army (I’ve been serving for four and a half years now, and plan to do my 20+ years), then Electric Forest will bless me with four Good Life tickets for me & my cousins that are planning on attending! Through the military I am trying to become an advocate & therapist for victims of sexual & physical assault. .
If I volunteer to help patients that need physical therapy , then Electric Forest will invite herobust at the festival and then I can give him a high five because he's really rad.
If I continue to be environmentally conscious by continuing to be vegan and be eco-friendly, then I am one step closer to helping save our home earth. Increase awareness my friends. Take actions to save earth because every day is earth day. , then Electric Forest will be helpful by providing comped meals from any vendors (no preference) during our stay since our travel and stay is very expensive coming from Houston, Texas. Happy Forest!!!💚💙🦉🌲.
If I donate my time to tutoring children in need, then Electric Forest will bring my boyfriend and i to the forest for the first time for both of us.
If I create a yoga program that provides free yoga classes to domestic violence shelters and low-income communities , then Electric Forest will provide me and my best friend with Good life A/C landing tickets .