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If I work to help end the mental health stigma by using my education to educate those with and without mental illnesses to make the world a better place for everyone, then Electric Forest will get some of my friends and I wristbands .
If I vow to clean up the beautiful parks and trails around my hometown of Kalamazoo as I visit them,, then Electric Forest will grant myself and my girlfriend, for her first time in The Forest, Electric Avenue camping passes.
If I Go help in the food drive to give hungry homeless people in my community food for a month!, then Electric Forest will Provide a ticket and camping.
If I Become a certified adapted physical education teacher to teach kids with disabilities to be healthy and active , then Electric Forest will Provide me with an extra ticket for electric forest!.
If I Continue to provide shelter animals a way to find a forever home and a forever family , then Electric Forest will Grant me and my husband GA wristbands to Both weekends.
If I raise $1000 for an animal shelter, then Electric Forest will let me press play on one of my favorite DJ's set.
If I organize round-trip bus travel for Canadians adventuring to/from the Forest, then Electric Forest will grant me 2 GA wristbands.
If I match my ticket price with a donation to the National Children's Cancer Society, then Electric Forest will allow me and my best friend to DJ a set in the Forest!.
If I spend time to help the single mothers, battered women, and girls who need help everyday in my university and neighborhood communities, then Electric Forest will give me a sick golf cart experience to enjoy the festival!.
If I start volunteering for a harm reduction organization, then Electric Forest will give a wristband to someone (not me) that cannot afford it or is going through a bad period in his/her life .
If I Can donate $500 to a charity in my community,, then Electric Forest will Award me with a free festival wristband..
If I Volunteer at the boys and girls shelter in Richmond, Va one day a week until the first weekend of Forest, then Electric Forest will Let me have a two course lunch with The String Cheese Incident with the first course being a cheese plate..