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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I promote inclusion , then Electric Forest will inspire my social music groups through sensory friendly areas .
If I promote the benefits of mindfulness in communities including the homeless, public schools, and children of sex trafficking victims, then Electric Forest will allow my organization, BeMindful to offer mindfulness instruction training in the Forest so that anyone can enjoy and promote the benefits of mindfulness to their community.
I'm a local
If I can get all of the Rotary Clubs on the West side of Michigan - to come together, and do a clean up project of all of the major rivers in the Area - Grand river, Allegan RIver, Manistee River, with WMEAC.Org , then Electric Forest will Grant me 2 Good Life TIckets to 2020 for my Fiance and myself.
If I spend my free time educating the community on domestic violence prevention and healing through informational pamphlets at concerts, reddit posts, and creating general in-person discussions, then Electric Forest will then EF will grant me two good life passes and also have a professional to host a Her Forest trauma-informed series, allowing survivors of DV and sexual assault a space to talk about their trauma and show ways that the Forest can help heal..
If I use my children’s yoga certification to begin teaching/facilitating a free mindfulness yoga class for children on the South Side of Chicago,, then Electric Forest will bring MGMT to perform at Electric Forest, and I will have a brief opportunity to talk with the band (would be my 5th time meeting them), and an extra ticket to the forest for my mama..
If I give out two gifts for every Eno hammock we sell. The buyer keeps one&they find someone special to give the second too. Spreading joy by the thousands. This will make a huge impact with how many hammocks we sell. , then Electric Forest will Allow my best friend to play a EF set. He’s got so much talent but he just needs the opportunity to show the world. I believe this opportunity could save/change his life. His first Forest could be life changing. The memories would never fade..
If I graduate college in computer science to create a virtual reality therapy system to help those suffering from mental illness, then Electric Forest will dedicate a meditation/art area to those who have suffered or lost those to mental illnesses..
If I show people what it’s like to be positive and uplifting their life will change for the better and more positive things will happen , then Electric Forest will help me show how happiness is the key for happiness in my life..
If I continue to make glasses as Lab technician at an optical store, I will make 50 pairs of glasses per month for young adults and children who can't afford proper vision materials. And donate x amount of frames to Electric Forest Community, then Electric Forest will bless us with a meet and greet tent for my favorite musicians like CloZee or Louis the Child, connect with them artists and let them know how they inspire me each day to give back and love unconditionally..
If I can invite the EF fam to help make “home away from home” packs for foster children in need by going to beingthegood.org , we Can empower kids waiting for their forever home. I have an amazon wishlist of donation items needed , then Electric Forest will give a shout out to beingthegood.org & help me personally thank anyone who donated to the cause & gift some merch Or allow me to accept donations at our campsite for kids in need. .
If I continue to build the Infinite Chance Organizations' goal of supplying education opportunities to a large orphanage in Guatemala (including music therapy) by working to build a Trade School next to the home , then Electric Forest will help donate to the cause! .
I'm a local
If I be nothing but kind to everyone around me and offer to help out once in a while, then Electric Forest will add an extra bassnectar dark party .