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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I volunteer at a homeless shelter every weekend from Dec 1 until EF, and beyond, to help those that have fallen on hard times, then Electric Forest will provide me with 2 GA wristbands since I am giving back to people that find themselves in the same situation I was in growing up..
If I If my friends and I pick up and recycle 5,000 cans in my community and at events before spring, then Electric Forest will help create an innovation that makes it easy and enjoyable to rid of cans at music festivals. They then will invite myself and a few friends to pass out and spread awareness of our service.
If I plant 30 trees this spring at the apartments I work for, then Electric Forest will plant 60 trees on the grounds and let 10 in the foresters name them.
I'm a local
If I create paintings representing children of the Midwest orphaned by parental drug abuse/overdose (especially heroin). And donate 100% of the sales of the artwork to cover these children's college expenses when they grow up , then Electric Forest will help me organize, document, and host the benefit auction for this body of artwork, and will also agree to donating 100% of the proceeds..
If I complete my service year as an Americorps member at City Year Columbia, helping children in the underserved and underfunded school where I am stationed, then Electric Forest will give me a hot air balloon ride with my significant other!.
If I If my fiance and I continue to help all the local animals in need. Fostering through adoption centers, donating food, volunteering hours at the SPCA. Especially during these winter months for the strays. They all deserve a loving home and family., then Electric Forest will help us pull off the final details of having our dream wedding in the Forest..
If I continue to complete a minimum of 2 community service acts each month with my students and the school club I run giving back to our community and those in need, then Electric Forest will grant me a Maple Woods wristband for Electric Forest 2020. .
If I create hygiene care packages to give to local shelters and homeless people on the streets, then Electric Forest will give my boyfriend and i each a ticket to experience electric forest for the first time.
I'm a local
If I Help start Food Forest in my Community in the Quad Cities. P.S. Look up the Quad City Food Forest on facebook. , then Electric Forest will help organize volunteers, help bring awareness to the Quad City Food Forest, have an educational day at Electric Forest about starting a Food Forest, or and donate money. .
If I volunteer at a local middle school to support with their girls basketball team , then Electric Forest will provide a professional photographer for my rave fam to get group pics and couple pics throughout the forest for one day..
If I was to change the world I’d do it by creating a foundation that focuses on the mental and physical health of the community we created with a 24/7 call center for anyone who needs to talk about anything in their life, then Electric Forest will have its own health workshop where people who have called the number or people who haven’t can link up and connect through music, art, or expression during the festival..
If I make the stories heard of those who historically have not had a voice and let them know they matter, then Electric Forest will give me 4 VIP tickets to electric forest.