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If I Volunteer with the make a wish foundation to help fulfill a child's lifelong wish, then Electric Forest will Grant me four tickets of VIP experience..
If I Paddleboard across Lake Michigan, then Electric Forest will Erect an educational monument, in the forest, dedicated to Rainbow Farm Campground. Personally, I want nothing else..
If I spread love, peace, and equality through smiles, high fives, and meaningful conversations , then Electric Forest will prosper. .
If I Make 25 blankets to donate to Binky Patrol, an organization that donates blankets to people in need this winter, then Electric Forest will Let me have access to purchase my 4 in the forest tickets for my 6th year! Never used the same email :(.
If I Help the less fortunate communities that lost everything due to the earthquake in Mexico by helping rebuilding their houses and providing them with what they need to start again , then Electric Forest will Let me and the guy I lost reconnect by taking him to his first electric forest together.
If I Donate a bunch of clothes to local people in need, give to charity, and help people out, then Electric Forest will Give me 2 free tickets .
If I Speak up for the animals without a voice and volunteer with my local independent rescue , then Electric Forest will Hopefully gift me a wristband for my first year !.
If I Make a difference in my community by helping people understand the importance and ease of recycling , then Electric Forest will Book Jody Wisternoff and James Grant to play the same weekend.
If I Commit to 48 hours of community service (which is 4 great days I spend in the forest) in my local neighborhood,, then Electric Forest will Please provide Ashley Welch with her first Electric Forest wristband.
If I Continue to cultivate creativity in my school by encouraging all 650 of my students to become free thinkers and passionate learners, to celebrate their own uniqueness, to utilize their creative intelligence so they may open their minds to new possibilities and understand that being different is a good thing!! If I continue to share this knowledge with teachers across my county through widespread presentations so they may too instill this invaluable knowledge in our youth so all of our students may face this ever changing world with a growth mindset and a strong faith in themselves…., then Electric Forest will Set up a chill session with Griz where we create a collaborative painting in a secret spot in the forest. With Daiquiris, if he likes them :).
If I Feed and clothe homeless people in my city , then Electric Forest will Give my boyfriend and I free GA for our one year anniversary .
If I Successfully make it into the Peace Corp and graduate college this spring, then Electric Forest will Let me give my friends a free wristband.