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If I Raise over $2,000 with my sorority to benifit Prevent Child Abuse America this year, then Electric Forest will Grant me and a friend good life wristbands.
If I pick up every piece of littered trash that I come across, then Electric Forest will allow me to jam out with an artist of my choice .
If I continue to spread good vibes across the SMI (seriously mentally ill) population; encouraging them through everyday life while providing them with ongoing support, good energy and help them see the great things life can offer as their case manager., then Electric Forest will bless me with a free wristband.
If I Be the most caring, helpful person to my friends and family (because i haven’t been one lately), then Electric Forest will Let me hang out with Louis The Child and Whethan for a little.
If I Volunteer my time at my local veterans administration outpatient clinic, then Electric Forest will Help me celebrate my good karma by helping me get to the forest. .
If I Create artistically aesthetic event flyers pro bono for the performance events of underground acts., then Electric Forest will Invite Dave Tipper to play a set at Electric Forest on a main stage and offer an additional set-time..
If I Go to the beach everyday to pick up trash, then Electric Forest will Give me a wristband so I cam do the same on the campgrounds and festival grounds.
If I read to others, not just children but the young and old alike, with enthusiasm and an open heart to their imagination sparking expression of their souls, then Electric Forest will grant me a wristband for Weekend 1 2018, so I can bring my father to the place where I found family.
If I Spend my free time volunteering at animal shelters and elderly homes plus picking up any trash while simultaneously spreading peace and awareness to others , then Electric Forest will Bless me with a single GA wristband .
If I and the entire Friendphorian Tribe donate our time to the local food bank to help provide meals to people in need, then Electric Forest will upgrade our tickets VIP .
If I Help our US soldiers fight PTSD with medical marijuana instead of pharmaceutical pills, then Electric Forest will Bless me with 1 Enchanted Campground package for me and my beautiful fiance who I met at 2017 Electric Forest weekend 1.
If I Help someone find their "why" or help find their "purpose" in life, then Electric Forest will Allow me to walk around the forest as a character and talk to people and motivate and help create a vision for them to not just find their "why" or "purpose" in life, but how to create their "why".