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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

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Wish Gallery

If I continue working/being an advocate with Turning Point, an amazing organization that helps lives of victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, by helping with fundraisers, raising awareness, donating clothes, ect.., then Electric Forest will be amazing and grant myself, Husband and our two best friends MapleWoods tickets and a hot air balloon ride to celebrate our Friends 2nd Wedding anniversary!!!.
If I was to go around to Denver’s homeless for one month and deliver meals to help make their day a bit brighter so they know that there are still compassionate people in the world, then Electric Forest will let me have a shirt for the 2020 Electric Forest and donate two GA tickets in my mom, Dawn Kelly’s, memory to two deserving individuals..
If I spread positivity to anyone feeling suicidal or putting themselves down or feeling negative, or make people laugh in times of sorrow (which i try to do everyday even on the days i dont have this positivity for myself) , then Electric Forest will grant me my most wished for wish in my entire life 2 tickets for my boyfriend and i to experience the greatest place i have ever known.
If I continue to help advance Alternatives in Motion's mission to provide mobility equipment to those in need and provide a voice for disability diversity, equity and inclusion, then Electric Forest will join the ranks of festivals who are making strides to become more accessible to those with disabilities! .
If I keep up the efforts of planting trees in northern Idaho in order to keep Forest alive in such a fast growing place where construction sites are popping up everywhere and no one is trying to keep the forest alive, then Electric Forest will hopefully send tickets for 2020 so me and my girlfriend can have a much needed escape from the negativity of being pretty much the only ones in the area doing what we do .
I'm a local
If I keep working 6 days a week to get my mom out of debt . She raised me alone. She went in the navy when I was 9, was sexually assaulted and discharged. Right after, my grandpa passed away. She always made sure I had what I needed., then Electric Forest will grant me 2 good life, it breaks my heart to see her not herself. I want to see my mom laugh and smile again. I couldn’t afford to buy tickets this year. I would be so appreciative if you could make my wish come true..
If I design a interesting safe temporary structure that people could be explored under & emerge through that could be implemented into electric forest. I could also than donate this structure to a local park!, then Electric Forest will help me get into the forest to construct the idea so It can be than given to a local park! I want to impact the community as much as I can..
I'm a local
If I Always spreading love for everyone being a good person & leading by example. , then Electric Forest will I wish to have flume in the forest 2020 .
If I raise 25k for the NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) Walk I coordinate, then Electric Forest will get Griz to come play a set, and he will also play Summer of 97’ in honor of one of our dear friends who unexpectedly passed this October. He was supposed to come with us, and that was one his favorite songs..
If I promote the benefits of mindfulness in communities including the homeless, public schools, and children of sex trafficking victims, then Electric Forest will allow my organization, BeMindful to offer mindfulness instruction training in the Forest so that anyone can enjoy and promote the benefits of mindfulness to their community.
If I continue to strive to be better everyday and progress my mental health, then Electric Forest will bring me a magical, liberating experience filled with love and freedom..
If I donate the money I would spend on a ticket to single working parents and and create a group to gather donations for the cause, then Electric Forest will hook me up with a ticket and a few to raffle to gather these donations.