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The Wish Machine
rewards the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2019. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I I’ve been volunteering in Puerto Rico since Maria. Providing free healthcare and supplies to people all over the area. I’m currently trying to start a sustainable farm to help feed the struggling surrounding community local healthy foods. , then Electric Forest will help in some way get this farm growing because it’s just me and I have very limited resources .
If I blueprint the LIFE House: a comfort zone in the forest where struggling people can combat loneliness, seek friendship, good vibes, and relaxation (with lots of bean bags). L.I.F.E. = Love Is For Everyone. , then Electric Forest will grant me the necessary funds and construction to bring this to fruition. Plan is to also sell LIFE shirts with 100% proceeds going to sobriety programs in the state..
If I write a children’s book about the importance of recycling and changing our lifestyle choices to help better our Earth, then Electric Forest will continue to do all the great things they do to ensure our beautiful forest is left cleaner and better than when we first arrived <3 and maybe a good life ticket ;) .
If I keep a positive attitude and help pick people up after they’re feeling down or unsure about themselves and their worth, if I can convince others that their place in this world is precious even when I’m doubting myself , then Electric Forest will be a beautiful place to get to know new people and help others get through whatever turmoil they’re going through, and Electric Forest will turn into Electric World !.
If I opened a bulk goods store for people to reduce waste and purchase their everyday goods in bulk and provided education and workshops to enhance a zero waste lifestyle,, then Electric Forest will provide me with the resources to open that store and put our first load of products on the shelves. We could help people transition to a zero waste life and save the planet together!.
If I work hard and let good things happen to me, have positive intentions and hold down my job and become a better stylist, then Electric Forest will be a testament to the personal growth I’ve gone through and a celebration of life. .
If I compliment everyone i come in contact with on a daily basis, you never know how bad of a day someone is having and needs to hear something positive about themselves., then Electric Forest will make Griz (or Grant) a permanent resident of the Forest!! (hopefully replacing Bassnectar).
If I can help my students understand the homeless population in our communities and their needs . , then Electric Forest will help feed those in shelters and give them a warm, safe place to sleep .
If I keep up with volunteering at my local Botanical Gardens (which I attend weekly) by helping clean up certain areas, and replanting some gorgeous new flora & fauna. , then Electric Forest will please be so kind and get my bestie a GA camping pass! We were trying to buy our tickets at the same time and my order processed SECONDS before it sold out and my friends didn’t......
If I spend one summer volunteering for Greenpeace wherever they need me, , then Electric Forest will help me meet my favorite artist Kevin Parker of Tame Impala .
If I promise to live my life by doing what is right, to help others in need. To spread peace, love, and positivity to everyone around me and to continue to give to the people who are less fortunate and really need a kind and helpful hand. , then Electric Forest will give me a ticket so that I can have the last chance to spend my summer with the amazing friends I've met in college doing what we love to do and grow closer in the magical forest..
If I if i set up an after school walk home with my local kiddos who’s parents are usually working those hours , then Electric Forest will grant a friend and i each one good life package wristband for second weekend💕 i was sexually assaulted/abused when i was younger. i pray everyday no other child has to endour what i did. let’s make a change❤️.