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The Wish Machine
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of the Forest Family.

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What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2019. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I could create a "Safe Space" in Sherwood forest where those could come and openly share what they're struggling with other festival goers and have access to free counseling services for the weekend, then Electric Forest will give me (and a friend) a meet and greet with Said the Sky. His song Beautiful reminds everyone that they are something special and beautiful in their own way, no matter what demons they have. <3.
If I I have created a Christmas Donation Drive to the Cancer Children Hospitals in Jacksonville, FL. My goal is to have the music community come together and give back to children. This is a similar concept to the Giving Tree., then Electric Forest will bring my friends and I to EF Good Life..
If I teach my students how to self-regulate his or her emotions and be able to cope with the world's daily chaos using social emotional learning skills and interventions, , then Electric Forest will send me a free GA wristband & camping pass..
If I take all my books and my siblings books to the public library so that all the kids that aren’t fortunate enough to get a hold of a book , then Electric Forest will allow me and friend to have fun at Electric Forest..
If I do an act of kindness from today until Electric Forest 2019 every day, then Electric Forest will let me and my homie meet Alison Wonderland at Electric Forest 2019 :).
If I pick up at least 5 pieces of trash a day and throw it away, then Electric Forest will bring Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and Tipper all in the same weekend. .
If I continue to build my personal confidence in order to become independent and productive, use my resources and abilities to help those in need, the homeless, and the underdogs (promotion for their side hustle, food, toiletries, etc.)..., then Electric Forest will grant me with my first ticket ever! :) The sky is the limit!.
If I continue to offer free counseling services to those affected by the shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue here in Pittsburgh, PA, then Electric Forest will split the cost of 2 Good Life back 40 tickets with my husband and I so we can afford to experience Good Life and spread love throughout the forest!!.
If I Respecting those around me, my hope is they will do the same. Since Forest, I have been spreading love, kindness, helping others, and donating to the Children's Dyslexia Center of WI. We need to love everyone as if they were Forest Family., then Electric Forest will pay for two of my friend's tickets, that have fallen on hard times. If it isn't too much to ask, I'd also really love a 2019 EF pin. Much love, and I can't wait to be back home next summer!.
If I promote The Kindness Initiative ( a program dedicated to initiating random acts of kindness in everyday life) at Forest 2019., then Electric Forest will give my Fiance and I Tickets to the 2019 event.
If I throw an opioid awareness event at my shop, Quality CBD and bring together the community to help raise funds and awareness for saving the lives of our loved ones in this epidemic, then Electric Forest will gift my four heart filled non paid volunteers a wristband to the forest to spread awareness and love to those who need it most. Once the soul of the forest is in you, it never leaves..
If I donate Christmas gifts to homeless/orphaned children and give them a special christmas, then Electric Forest will give me 2-4 GA passes to Electric Forest so I can tove the extra tickets to those who may not have the ability to buy one 💙.