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The 2020 Wish Machine
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of the Forest Family.

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I'm a local
If I plant 5 trees to start creating a new forest, then Electric Forest will bring Subtronics back for another great year.
If I pick up all of the trash I find while hiking, shopping, and living my daily life. If I pick up 10,000 pieces of trash. , then Electric Forest will help me experience my first festival as in new into the rave scene and living on small incomes 💛.
If I keep up the efforts of planting trees in northern Idaho in order to keep Forest alive in such a fast growing place where construction sites are popping up everywhere and no one is trying to keep the forest alive, then Electric Forest will hopefully send tickets for 2020 so me and my girlfriend can have a much needed escape from the negativity of being pretty much the only ones in the area doing what we do .
If I educate my students in North Carolina on the importance of giving back to their community and practicing gratitude for what they have, then Electric Forest will give back to the community of Michigan by donating clean water to areas that are in need. .
If I donate my time and supplies/holiday gifts to families stuck on the children’s cancer floors of Cleveland hospitals this holiday season (and every holiday season after that)..., then Electric Forest will grant my fiancé and I the ability to hangout and take a golf cart ride through the forest with cancer survivor himself, RUSKO. We already have tickets, it’s our 6th year!.
If I could help the families of my patients through this holiday , then Electric Forest will be an amazing first time to go and share love to others like I do my patients and their families. Show how short life is and how to embrace and love others as much as you can and while you can..
If I Face my fears going back to grad school for a doctorate in clinical psychology this fall. All the people I have met at EF over the past 3 years has inspired me to do more for this world and become a therapist., then Electric Forest will Let me perform my own original music. I have been producing music for 7+ years now. My favorite pieces of music I have written are two EPs of Lord of The Rings Themed Bass music. I would like to perform it at EF..
If I After forest 18' I donated 12 inches of hair and it was so profound and fulfilling to have my hair privilege be able to reflect back in the world positively. , then Electric Forest will If there was a "walk up and donate hair" type opportunity with maybe some type of prize giveaway I think we could donate thousands of wigs. .
If I spend every weekend from now until Forest collecting donations for people in need of basic things like clothes and blankets to teach the community about being aware of how that changes people's lives , then Electric Forest will give my 3 assistants (GL or GA) bands so we can have a donation area at forest to be able to collect more and make people aware of just how much something as small as a donated blanket can change their lives for the better .
I'm a local
If I was to make the world better. Stop the big machine in Alaska harrp stop chemtrails and fracking of the Earth. Leave the nature as it is intended. 🌲 In hopes that everybody would be in unty and have peace on this Earth.., then Electric Forest will I would love to perform in the Sherwood Forest.🌲✴️🔁♻️☮️🕉️🛐✝️☯️.
If I create a meal club to support people with EDs like myself, where we can feel safe to discuss our feelings surrounding our bodies and food, eat safely, and grow positive mindsets as well as learn about cooking and the positive effects of food., then Electric Forest will allow me to come and create a space for those suffering to find community, nourish their bodies, talk, seek help, and feel safe..
If I clean up trash in my neighborhood and continue to be the neighborhood plug for food for strays like I have been for the past two years ( I also get them spayed and neutered), then Electric Forest will put g Jones as a headliner!!!!!!.