Wish Machine

The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I donate blankets and hygienic items to the homeless around my area, because this winter is going to be a cold one and those in need deserve a little something to keep them warm, then Electric Forest will grant my husband and I 2 GA tickets so we can experience the magical forest for the first time with our friends around the country <3.
If I keep staying positive and spreading love even when others do not deserve it and constantly volunteer my time and money, then Electric Forest will help me buy my festival outfits because I can barely afford a ticket..
If I create an organization to provide free skills training to people in Jira and Confluence to help people find better jobs., then Electric Forest will give me two good life tickets so I can provide two of my students an incentive to pass their certification exams..
If I help spread the word & gather a group of people to go around and feed the homeless in south Florida where it’s a massive problem I think I can make a change in some lives, especially around the holidays., then Electric Forest will Help me and a few friends with tickets to forest..
I'm a local
If I will volunteer bi-weekly at a animal shelter , then Electric Forest will gift me 2 good life tickets .
If I help everyone, be kind, and be a nice person all around to everyone , then Electric Forest will bring everyone together, again ❤️.
If I grow a new Chia Pet dog for Flume (his died while he was traveling. See his Instagram) , then Electric Forest will let me meet him and gift it to him myself. .
If I finally go vegetarian to refuse my carbon footprint , then Electric Forest will have a liquid stranger b2b space Jesus set .
If I can throw 220 ceramic bowls in my living room for the awesome empty bowl event (Fighting against hunger in Milwaukee) , then Electric Forest will grant me 2 tickets to good life... and a sweet ride on a beautiful hot air balloon :) .
If I Organize a group of power woman, including myself, we will donate our holidays until forest to spend it @ the humane society, then Electric Forest will send us of to electric forest to assist us in cheering up one of our best friends going through a hard patch.. That and a mozzarella party with Subtronics because we are all from Wisconsin and love cheese & Jesse .
If I can get people to ride bikes or take electric buses and not cars to help reduce pollution in the air, then Electric Forest will grant me two tickets for 2020..
If I keep up the efforts of planting trees in northern Idaho in order to keep Forest alive in such a fast growing place where construction sites are popping up everywhere and no one is trying to keep the forest alive, then Electric Forest will hopefully send tickets for 2020 so me and my girlfriend can have a much needed escape from the negativity of being pretty much the only ones in the area doing what we do .