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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I promote that everyone help clean up a local forest in honor of Electric Forest and document my local forest cleaning, then Electric Forest will throw a Bassnectar Pizza/Pool Party at the Artist Cabin Pool..
If I use my dog training knowledge to make free videos to educate dog owners on proper training skills, how to read/interpret body language, and how build a mutual relationship based on respect and trust., then Electric Forest will grant me a hot air balloon ride with me and my friends or book Boombox Cartel for EF2020.
If I am able to turn my life after losing two people I love by changing my career path to one that will let me be closer to home and spend more time with the people I care about instead of medical school (I'd have to move away for years),, then Electric Forest will then EF will let me and my friends meet Big Wild bc I heard his music for the first time ever at EDC 2018; his music became my solace. I would love to see him in person and tell him thanks for the music that pushed me forward after my grieving..
If I organize a donation drive for insulin and monetary donations for #Insulin4All for Type 1 Diabetics who cannot afford their prescriptions for insulin, a medication necessary for living, then Electric Forest will bring my boyfriend and I for what would be the first time for both of us..
If I spread enough awareness about the Australian wildfires in hopes that people will donate to rehabilitate hurt animals , then Electric Forest will donate a portion to help save the koalas. .
If I lead a REGENERATIVE STUDIES discussion panel once or twice a month leading up to EF as well.as how to reduce our carbon footprint, human induced soil degradation, biodiversity loss, global climate change, and community sustainability. , then Electric Forest will Then Electric forest will send my best friend and I to experience Electric FOREST for the FIRST time living the good life tiny home as well as collaborate with Electricology to bring this knowledge to others in EF. .
If I set up a food drive in NYC, then Electric Forest will pursue my 4 best friends dreams of meeting BASSNECTAR <3 .
If I Foster young dogs from the dog pound and train them the basic commands and to walk well on a leash... Many will be happy!!!, then Electric Forest will PLEASE AWARD ME A TICKET AS I'M CELEBRATING 60! I WENT A FEW YEARS BACK AND THIS TIME IT IS A BUCKET LIST. A friend ticket would be so awesome. .
If I continue to spread awareness about the power of reconditioning your mind from toxic patterns that one may have unintentionally learned in order to live a more fulfilled, authentic, happy life on this earth, , then Electric Forest will make a wall/location where people can write down something they have internally overcome or learned to inspire everyone that healing is REAL and POSSIBLE!.
If I create a free yoga program, in the valley of Arizona, to provide free yoga services for domestic violence shelters and low-income communities in the area , then Electric Forest will provide me and my best friend with tickets for the good life A/C Landing that includes vip tickets to EF2020. I don’t mind paying full price we just really want to go because this has been on our bucket list. Namaste! .
If I spend every weekend from now until Forest collecting donations for people in need of basic things like clothes and blankets to teach the community about being aware of how that changes people's lives , then Electric Forest will give my 3 assistants (GL or GA) bands so we can have a donation area at forest to be able to collect more and make people aware of just how much something as small as a donated blanket can change their lives for the better .
I'm a local
If I can get all of the Rotary Clubs on the West side of Michigan - to come together, and do a clean up project of all of the major rivers in the Area - Grand river, Allegan RIver, Manistee River, with WMEAC.Org , then Electric Forest will Grant me 2 Good Life TIckets to 2020 for my Fiance and myself.