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If I open a crowdfund account and publicize it so that a retired member of my community (Iowa City, Iowa) can afford to fix his roof (currently the roof has rotting holes in it), then Electric Forest will donate wrist bands with good life camping for two (we're mid 50's- too old to be able to tolerate general camping). .
If I Plant a tree, then Electric Forest will Plant 10 more .
If I Continue to pick up rubbish and cigarette butts on the beaches of Maui , then Electric Forest will Please upgrade my sister (that I haven't seen in 4 years) and I to our own cabin for 2018 4 day weekend..
If I volunteer 30+ hours at the community garden at my university (which provides food to 2nd shift university workers), then Electric Forest will give me a meet and greet with a musical artist.
If I Volunteer again at the Humane Society every week for the next couple of years, then Electric Forest will Grant me a wristband for Electric Forest 2018 .
If I Donate my hair to cancer, then Electric Forest will Will give me a free wristband for 2018.
If I create art pieces and take professional pictures of those in need of their families for the holidays, then Electric Forest will help my little brother and I enjoy our first forest together by granting us two wristbands.
If I return to Haiti for my second year of volunteering at a camp for little kids , then Electric Forest will Grant me 2 GA passes for my boyfriend and I, so we can experience the forest for the first time .
If I dedicate my time to spread awareness of animal welfare issues (factory farms, animal testing, animal use for entertainment) in my community, then Electric Forest will present me with a GA wristband for weekend one..
If I have everyone in my festival family of 20+ clean up AT LEAST 2 bags of trash from sides of roads, parks, or an event, then Electric Forest will give me a free wristband to Electric Forest 2018!.
If I finally quit my job for one that is fulfilling and impactful on those less fortunate , then Electric Forest will give me and a friend Good Life wristbands.
If I continue teaching young humans to be relentlessly kind and positive to other humans and nature, then Electric Forest will so generously bless me with a general admission wristband for this year's festival..