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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

I'm a local
If I keep inspiring and guiding students everyday with the knowledge I've gained and experience I've imparted, then Electric Forest will be able to grant my wish and set up a partnership with colleges in Michigan to help students be a part of the magical forest experience..
If I grow out all of my hair until forest 2020, and then donate it to locks of love for children going through chemo,, then Electric Forest will provide two general admission passes for my girlfriend and I to celebrate our first year of dating. .
If I get into university for music therapy. I am inspired by my late father, who recently passed away from brain cancer. He always encouraged my passion for music & we would listen to showtunes together when he was sick., then Electric Forest will allow someone less fortunate the opportunity to attend this festival! Or maybe donate to a charity that can provide the gift of music to the unwell to allow more happiness in their days..
If I put a dollar from every paycheck I get to #teamtrees until EForest 2021., then Electric Forest will give me a GA ticket..
If I and my girlfriend register 200 people to vote before the 2020 election and volunteer for a shift at the voter registration table at Forest, then Electric Forest will grant us 2 General admission wristbands to enjoy her first year at forest. .
If I could create more of my art and inspire others to know the impact we have on people around us, then Electric Forest will help me with an opportunity to show my art to those around me and around the world..
If I use my bachelorette party as a way to engage my friends in a volunteer project that benefits my local community (and possibly convince my fiancé to do the same for his bachelor party), then Electric Forest will upgrade me and my fiancé to Back 40 with early entry!.
If I continue what I am currently doing, which is working with special needs students and honing my skills in this field for betterment of all. & continue dedicating as much of my time as I can outside of work to the cause.... , then Electric Forest will Then EF will doing something special for my 2 friends, Mike & Sungha. I wasn't able to secure a ticket in time, but I really want my friends to have an extraordinary time & to know they mean as much to me as they did when we would all hang out daily..
If I create a meal club to support people with EDs like myself, where we can feel safe to discuss our feelings surrounding our bodies and food, eat safely, and grow positive mindsets as well as learn about cooking and the positive effects of food., then Electric Forest will allow me to come and create a space for those suffering to find community, nourish their bodies, talk, seek help, and feel safe..
If I continue helping people decondition from the old coding, limiting beliefs, collective viruses and scarcity programming, and help them become Reality Hackers through the programs, workshops, retreats, mastermind and podcast I am offering, then Electric Forest will have me speak at their 2020 event to spread this inspiring and empowering work with their in person and online community. Thank you, I love you. With gratitude, Samantha Lotus.
I'm a local
If I help to host an anti-bullying Electric Forest themed festival dance at my school created school-wide by the students that will help to spread love, creativity, acceptance, art, and inclusion. , then Electric Forest will provide a VIP cabin experience. so I can bring teachers so they can see examples of inclusion and acceptance. It will show that inclusion, creative thinking, acceptance, and Art can still be fostered within the classroom. .
If I host and run a Smash Bros. Ultimate video game tournament for charity on Wednesday night,, then Electric Forest will sponsor / support the tournament..