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If I make monthly bags for the homeless (water, food, socks, etc.) to keep in my car and hand out to those in need while driving, then Electric Forest will book Resonant Frequency to play at EF18! .
If I Interview any number of people and write an individualized short essay about each person detailing all the ways they are a wonderful and unique human being., then Electric Forest will Give me a press pass so I can bring my camera and take pictures at Electric Forest..
If I Volunteer 100 hours at an animal shelter, then Electric Forest will Give a pass to someone in need.
If I Volunteer through helping the medically underserved, then Electric Forest will Bless me with free tickets for me and my friends because we are in a great amount of debt from pharmacy school.
If I Can finally see it through to become sober and check my boyfriend and I into rehab, then Electric Forest will Let us see the forest with clear minds and full hearts. There’s no other place on earth I would rather celebrate sobriety and thankfulness that I could see a day living sober.
If I become a part of our local food drive to feed the homeless, then Electric Forest will send my life partner and I to experience the forest for the first time!.
If I Continue to plant a tiny garden in almost every small town I visit throughout my state, then Electric Forest will Possibly be generous enough to bless me and my husband with two GA tickets to visit the forest again.
If I pour my soul into a 3D design for one of the Electric Forest Stages, then Electric Forest will help me and my friends find our way to the forest to enjoy the creation of our collaboration together with the rest of the forest family..
If I conquer my eating disorder, then Electric Forest will provide a weekend 1 pass.
If I help raise money for people devastated by the recent hurricanes in puerto rico , then Electric Forest will Give me the opertunity to meet & greet my favorite artist of all time, Bassnectar .
If I Start a fair with a local dog shelter, to help find them homes, where the proceeds will go to suffering children in Nicaragua, then Electric Forest will Allow a friend and I to take videos for Electric Forest with the media team, and to have a chat with Lorin Ashton. .
If I Draw 100 pictures of really cool robots in pen, then Electric Forest will Donate cool frames for me to put them in and let me hang them up somewhere in the Forest for people to take home with them..