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The 2020 Wish Machine
Rewarding the positive actions
of the Forest Family.

What are you doing to change the world?

What would you wish for in return?

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At this time no further wish submissions will be accepted for Electric Forest 2020. Keep an eye on your inbox, as HQ may reach out to learn more about your wish!

Wish Gallery

If I continue raising money to donate to animal rescues & shelter AND sew items to donate to animals (domestic & wild) to help in their rehabilitation , then Electric Forest will allow me, my husband and our 8 friends to meet bassnectar and Clozee at EF 2020. .
I'm a local
If I tell 1,000 people I love them (and somehow document it), then Electric Forest will give me the chance to get on stage DURING SUBTRONICS AND SCREAM I EFING LOVE YOU ALL AS MY 1,001 I love you :) .
I'm a local
If I organize a beach clean up some of Lake Michigan beaches to make a positive, local environmental impact , then Electric Forest will BRING BACK SPICY PIE. .
If I use my yoga teacher certification to begin teaching a biweekly, free, Yoga and Mindfulness for Children class to impoverished communities in Chicago (Englewood, specifically, as I have a few spaces already available to make this happen in), then Electric Forest will bring MGMT to perform in the Forest, and will grant my mama and me entry to experience the magic! <3 .
I'm a local
If I bring forth more awareness about people slowing down when driving in neighborhoods and watching out for kids playing and riding bikes and skateboards. My little brother was ran over and killed on his skateboard due to negligence of 2 drivers. , then Electric Forest will allow me to be backstage during bassnectar's set and be able to meet him and talk about issues in our country and what we can do as a community to change them..
If I can help Baltimore in its current Opiate Crisis by providing fentanyl test strips, Narcan, and most importantly LOVE to the people living in my city. I work in a baltimore ED , then Electric Forest will have space where those who have struggled with addiction can write a message of hope to the people of Baltimore who are still struggling & memorial of those lost.
If I work with the "Wills For Heroes" program to coordinate an event for eligible individuals (police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.) in the communities near Electric Forest,, then Electric Forest will sponsor the event as a way of thanking these individuals for keeping us all safe while we enjoy our weekend..
If I organize volunteer sitters and mental health professionals and train them in psychedelic peer support, then Electric Forest will provide space in the Forest for attendees to cope with challenging psychedelic experiences..
I'm a local
If I provide a blank puzzle piece and call-to-action card with this quote: "Everyone carries with them at least one piece to someone else's puzzle," for EVERY person that attends Forest next year, then Electric Forest will make sure every ticket holder gets a puzzle piece with the directive of decorating it and giving it to someone who has made an impact on their life. #ThePuzzleProject.
If I where able to educate more people about suicide and mental illness, then Electric Forest will give me and my fiancé the most eye opening festival experience, I will have faith in something again and feel complete..
If I continue making music mazes for my clients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder then they too will know the power of love and acceptance through music and sensory exploration. , then Electric Forest will give me new knowledge, ideas, passion, and inspiration to my projects. My partner and I exclusively support those with developmental disabilities and love your inclusion, awareness, and acceptance..
If I If i continue to turn single use plastics into pretty painted succulent pots and give them away (with a succulent!) Using soil i composted myself for free , then Electric Forest will give me 2 good life tickets.