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If I could share with all about how when you have struggled like with Mental Health; how it's is only a hurdle that you can over come and make any dream come true with the supports of the electric forest family. , then Electric Forest will the Electric Forest will have more knowledge how mental health is nothing to be ashamed of and those individuals have more support then they could ever dream of..
If I raise 25k from the NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) Walk I coordinate, then Electric Forest will get Griz to play a set, and play Summer 97’ during it as a tribute to our friend who unexpectedly passed this October. He was supposed to come with us again, and that was one of his favorite songs..
I'm a local
If I Raise $10,000 for the AFSP. , then Electric Forest will A spot in the Forest where people can share their stories, thoughts or memory of those lost. People can view these and leave responses or tokens of love or support to those who've shared them. .
If I can help my girlfriend with her non profit foundation, @beingthegood.org, donate at least 500 duffle bags with comfort toys, blankets, towels, and personal journals, to local foster children here in the Las Vegas valley before Christmas 2019,, then Electric Forest will provide us with a Good Life Pre-set Bungalow..
If I volunteer 3 times, perform 33 acts of good, and create/distribute 333 Happy Kits , then Electric Forest will gift my cousin 2 Good Life Village wristbands so that she and her boyfriend can experience the love of Forest to help them heal from the sudden loss of her father, my uncle (11-19-19)..
I'm a local
If I help raise funds and participate in the Michigan Glass Project, which has raised over $100,000 for the Detroit Public School's art programs,, then Electric Forest will ... Sponsor a week long summer art camp for the children of Detroit Public Schools..
If I create a free yoga program, in the valley of Arizona, to provide free yoga services for domestic violence shelters and low-income communities in the area , then Electric Forest will provide me and my best friend with tickets for the good life A/C Landing that includes vip tickets to EF2020. I don’t mind paying full price we just really want to go because this has been on our bucket list. Namaste! .
If I spend every weekend from now until Forest collecting donations for people in need of basic things like clothes and blankets to teach the community about being aware of how that changes people's lives , then Electric Forest will give my 3 assistants (GL or GA) bands so we can have a donation area at forest to be able to collect more and make people aware of just how much something as small as a donated blanket can change their lives for the better .
If I pass my cosmetology license test, then Electric Forest will Put Spock on the lineup.
If I where able to educate more people about suicide and mental illness, then Electric Forest will give me and my fiancé the most eye opening festival experience, I will have faith in something again and feel complete..
If I raise 10,000 dollars for Alzheimer’s in honor of my dad , then Electric Forest will have an Alzheimer’s foundation booth at electric forest to raise awareness and money .
If I plan a beach clean up on the west shores of Oahu for earth day. Funded by the Land and Sea Tribe Foundation, where we sell shirts made out of 100% recycled plastics. All proceed will go to funding our first ever beach clean up. I, then Electric Forest will allow my 3 friends and I to enjoy good life’s continental breakfast this year. (We are staying in Electric Avenue) .