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If I Help you get in touch with SaveTheElephants.org and the Elephant Crisis Fund, then Electric Forest will Donate a portion of their proceeds or offer the option to donate at checkout to help save the elephants..
If I Can at least help just one person , then Electric Forest will Help brighten 10 more people.
If I finally come clean to my parents about what I want to do with the rest of my life, instead of what they have planned, then Electric Forest will bless me (and maybe a friend) with a wristband to the forest.
If I Break the barriers surrounding cannabis consumption, and show people that it is actually a medicine for all types of ailments and discomforts , then Electric Forest will Let me host educational cannabis workshops through both weekends, instead of WET. .
If I help kids with cancer and blood problems such as ITP (which I have), then Electric Forest will bless me with 2 GA tickets so I can take one cancer patient with me to show them the time of their lives.
If I Continue to provide empathetic and open minded support to those who are experiencing internal turmoil, then Electric Forest will Provide me and my loved one with a wristbands in order to spread the love and support to all we encounter..
If I volunteer to help both homeless people and animals as well as bring awareness to the issue (and continue to do so whether or not this wish comes true) , then Electric Forest will Bring out Griz, Big Gigantic, and Gramatik for a memorable Big Grizmatik set!.
If I Basically, I have a customer at work who sleeps across the street on a bench and needs food and warmth, he has dementia so I he probably won’t remember me but I have made it my mission to try to give this man food and a nice blanket. , then Electric Forest will Please have a tent for new foresters to meet others who might not have lots of friends, almost like the wishing tree where people leave things and others take things that are needed. Except it is with people and friendships :D.
If I Continue to infect everyone I meet with my positive energy , then Electric Forest will Let me and the woman I love meet Nahko .
If I face and overcome my fears and anxiety to help others do the same, then Electric Forest will provide me with a GA Maplewoods or Good Life Village wristband.
If I Stay positive and believe , then Electric Forest will Make my experience something I'll never forget .
If I Hand out socks to the homeless, then Electric Forest will Let me help create, decorate and build Sherwood Forest for next year.